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Any parents here? Will you allow your kids to use smart speakers/displays? I know I can set parental controls a\I'm not too concerned over things like restrictions. I do foresee my lenovo smart display being very useful for homework help in the future (especially since it can stream videos too) but I've read that it might not be the best since it's just giving information and not encouraging learning?
With the use of the phone you need to be very careful. Still, children need to be given a chance to think carefully first, otherwise the child will only want to immediately find the answer on the Internet.
Your kids don't get irritated? They must be a lot more patient than mine. I don't know how my older one would have reacted but I'm certain the younger one would have figured out how to unplug it before he reached age 3. My stubborn and strong willed little guy simply would not have tolerated it.