The S340 Elite, with its sharp edges and sleek tempered glass, this contemporary case by NZXT has quite a bit to offer to any computer enthusiast. The matte white finish complements the tempered glass side panel nicely, and pictures can't quite do it justice. The S340 Elite's looks, however, aren't its only strength. It has great cable manageability, incredible expansion options and cool little features such as dust filters and NZXT's puck, a magnetic headset hanging device. More on that later, but now, lets get into the review!


Looks can be deceiving, yet the S340 Elite doesn't have that issue. This case just oozes beauty. Its appearance could fit into almost any setup and look great. However, there is a minor thing to be wary of. The matte finish and tempered glass attracts fingerprints and dust. It should probably be wiped down every once in a while so the case doesn't look absolutely greasy from your potato chip pinchers or your dusty dorm.



This case has many features for being approximately at the $100 price point. As far as cable management goes, it has routing holes everywhere and a shroud for the 24 pin ATX motherboard cable, so you don't have to see much of those ketchup and mustard cables on that PSU you skimped out on. On the side, the S340 Elite has little clips that you can put your various cables in to be held in place. The case already has its two fan cables routed through these wire restrainers, so you don't have to worry about that as well.




In the front, with a surprising lack of fans, you'll find a dust filter, similar to the one on the bottom of the case underneath where the power supply would go. On the top and rear of the case, you'll find no dust filter, but 2 exhaust fans. I found it slightly disappointing that there weren't any fans in the front of the case, but it does leave room for a 240 or 280mm radiator should you choose to do a water cooled build for gaming with your new headset or what have you.



With that, the S340 Elite just screams VR gaming with its front I/O panel, consisting of a microphone and headphone plug, a HDMI passthrough port, two USB 3.0 ports and finally, two USB 2.0 ports. Sticking with the VR screaming theme, the case comes with a magnetic, what NZXT calls a Puck, headset hanger that affixes to the the case anywhere you place it that will hold your VR device or your headphones. This little thing it very useful for storing headsets and should become a standard feature across all cases, but for right now, it is one of many things that makes this case stand out from the rest.




Overall, this is a great case. If you buy the S340 Elite at $100, or it's little brother, the S340, for approximately $30 less, you'll have a great time working and looking at either. This case could work well for the novice builder or the most experienced user. Later on, I'll be doing a liquid cooled Ryzen build with a black and white theme and I plan on reporting back in more detail on how it feels to work in the case. Stick around to see the build later and check out the giveaway going on here and on the main site linked below! 

Nice post. Thanks, this is definitely a gem for the price.

I've always been paranoid about magnets around my USB drives. I don't own any VR gear, but this magnet sounds fairly strong.

Out of curiosity, could this case cool a VR-rig without a liquid cooler setup?

Edit: I also like the top positioned ports.

Originally Posted by: GnuHard 

Out of curiosity, could this case cool a VR-rig without a liquid cooler setup?

Yes, it has a max air cooler height of 161mm and what I think should be sufficient airflow! :D

Edit: You would need 2 front fans if you were to do an air cooled rig 😛

I have the standard S340 in matte black with blue accents. Love the case so much that it's actually my 2nd of it. Had a white 1 for my previous build. Nice review and pics!

Full system specs:


Asus Maximus VIII Hero


Intel i7 6700k


Corsair CMK32GX4M2A2666C16

Graphics Card:

Msi GTX 1080 Gaming X

Storage #1:

Samsung 950 Pro M.2 512gb

Storage #2:

Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 2tb x 2

CPU Cooler:

BeQuiet! Dark Rock 3


NZXT S340 Matte Black/Blue

Power Supply:

Cooler Master V850 (Seasonic KM3)


iKBC F87 RGB (MX Cherry brown)


Steel Series Rival 300


Steel Series Arctis 7

Mouse Pad:

Steel Series QcK Mini


Windows 10 Pro 64