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YouTube has spent some time working on a paid subscription service that would let users listen to music without ads. Today, it has announced YouTube Music Key which is now in beta.

YouTube Music Key is a monthly subscription-based service that will provide viewers with ad-free music, background play, and even offline viewing. It will cost $7.99 a month, which has been discounted from $9.99 a month, and will also come with a subscription to Google Play Music.

Users will already notice the new home for music on the YouTube app for Android and iOS platforms as well as The new location will show a person’s favorite music and videos along with recommended music playlists based on what the user is into in addition to playlists featuring trending music across YouTube.

Image Credit: YouTube

The YouTube Music Key service is currently in beta and, for those who receive an invite through their app or email, will be able to try it out for free for six months.

Would you prefer to deal with the ads on YouTube, or is the concept of paying a monthly subscription for ad-free music and videos an appealing one?

I have to be totally honest. There are far too many FREE sites available where I can stream music, so no I would never pay a fee. I wish them the best. AND letting people try it free for 6 months is a good thing. I suppose if I really really liked it I could be persuaded! BUT it would have to be really good! At least as good as Oink's Pink Palace was.

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SOOOOOO basically this service is aimed towards people like me! I do NOT pay for music; meaning I do not pay for albums, individual songs, or for any sort of streaming service. Using my smart phone, BT capable home audio, and the BT and Microsoft Sync in my car, I strictly listen to music from Youtube for absolutely free. I listen to a minimum of 2 hours of audio off of youtube a day upwards of 4-5 hours a day on the weekends with working out and chors around the house. So why is it for me and people like me?....

... I have not used the Youtube app in over 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use an app called Jazmine which is a replacement app for youtube accessing the same site and videos but with a much MUCH better app that isn't cluttered, easy to navigate, does not play ads, AND the best part is that it is capable of playing audio even after you leave the app (but have it still running in the background) or while the phone is locked, something that the youtube app does not allow you to do you must remain within the app loaded onto the screen for the audio to keep playing. Now in the 3+ years I have had Jazmine every single time a new IOS version comes out it breaks Jazmine's ability to play audio outside the app but all the other functions are still there. Since IOS 8 Jazmine has not patched the ability to play music outside the app again 😞.

Basically if youtube want people like me to go back to their home-brewed app they need to do something like this. I want the music on Youtube, without ads, and to be able to play audio outside the app, and youtube has gone one further than Jazmine by allowing offline playback as well!!!!!! I am more than willing to pay for the service, the upside is offline playback, the downside is the Jazmine app itself is still superior to the Youtube app.

My only question is what audio will actually be a part of this subscription? I know there are songs on youtube that do not have permission to be there and music is removed all the time. As long as this is for all of youtube I am going to be subscribing!!!!! 7.99 isn't SO bad (i guess) I will cancel netflix to make up for it; I listen to FAR more audio than I watch video.


I've never cared for paid music subscriptions. But I have such a large library of music that I don't really need to keep adding to it.

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Sean; I also have a large library, about 480gb worth of albums. I absolutely never listen to them. Most of those songs I have heard a million times over any way. These days I am only interested in listening to new music, falling in love with it, playing it 100 times in a row, getting sick of it, and moving on to the next new track. Youtube delivers me exactly that!