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Poor Microsoft. Since the release of its Surface Pro 3 tablet, the Remond team has pushed their new slate hard. It's as if the company wanted it to overwrite that part of our memory that recalls the Surface RT and it's monumental losses. This past August, we saw the company make a big move by deploying a boatload of Surface Pro tablets to every team in the NFL, gratis. All season, coaches and even players have made use of them to plan their next course-of-action, and for the most part, they seemed to be well-received.

This is NOT and iPad, just to be clear.  In fact, it's the "Anti-iPad."

Wait, what's that behind that Surface Pro 3?

Unlike some of the products Microsoft tries to get us to adopt, the Surface Pro 3 really is quite a good tablet / convertible. So you wouldn't think that it would be outside the realm of reason that it could win some iPad users over. Well, at least where the CNN political team is concerned, a winning-over definitely didn't happen when, like the NFL, they were supplied with brand-new Surface Pros.

If you look closely at the shot above, you'll be able to see a Surface Pro 3 acting as an iPad stand - and quite an expensive one. As humorous as this is, it might not seem that interesting if it were just one correspondent who pulled that stunt - let's be honest, some people just like their iPads. That wasn't the case, though. Below, we can see yet another corespondent using an iPad, despite having the Surface right in front of him.

"Poor Microsoft", indeed. It doesn't deserve this kind of humiliation, especially since as I mentioned above, the Surface Pro 3 is a great tablet - and it's far more capable and higher-performing than the top-end iPad is. It's a PC, after all, just in a small frame.

It really does say something, though, when you can't even get people to use a product when you give it to them. Maybe Microsoft should plan a mock right now, using MacBook Pros to prop up the Surface?

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FACE IT PEOPLE ,all these Anchors on CNN, FOX News etc. are all MORONS! They aren't any more intelligent than anyone else they went to school to learn how to read a teleprompter and argue with anyone who has a difference of opinion than theirs or their networks. These people just want to point and click they don't have time to learn how to use a real pc/convertible. I bet you they think their iPads are the superior device too one that costs more than the Surface in front of them. It is like someone driving around a Toyota Prius even after Porsche handed out free 911's to everyone.

CNN's lack of intelligence bleeds over through their news so it is of no surprise that their retarded staff is well, retarded.


To be fair I'd take a Prius over a Porsche any day! The long term savings is just to good to pass up haha.

As far as news anchors go, they are far from tech experts so yeah I don't know why anyone would expect them not to use ipads.


Poor Jake Tapper


I hope that the anchors get slapped with breach of contract and are terminated. Not necessarily because of this, but just as an excuse because these guys are pretty annoying on CNN and I want more serious reporters back on air rather than half retarded "commentators"

And SP3 >>>> all other tablets, my lab now has two (personal, i.e. members bought them for themselves) and a Surface 2 as well!


If I was doing an article about a Surface Pro 3 being used as an iPad stand, I would feature a picture of this and not bury it in a twitter link. But I'm not getting paid to do this sort of thing, so what do I know, eh?


i will admit, i think the ipad is a damn good tablet... but seriously? I would NEVER choose it over a Surface 3! Just goes to show the guy is a moron and isnt even sure how to use it


big shocker, cnn monkeys like what they are told....

Clearly they're iPad users but if I had to choose between the two, I'd definitely grab the Surface! Oh boy, what a shame.