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When it comes to video games, the community is a smart lot capable of creating strategies and ways to progress through a game faster than developers might anticipate. And Destiny, developed by Bungie, is no exception. Recently, a group of players were able to defeat Destiny’s final boss in just 17 seconds on hard mode.

The group of players belongs to a clan called Legendary Crew, which provided footage of its 17- second takedown of Atheon, the final boss for the Vault of Glass raid located on Venus. For Destiny players who might want to recreate this feat, the group consisted of three Sunsinger Warlocks and three Gunslinger Hunters. Five of the players were lever 30, which is Destiny’s level cap, and the sixth was level 29, according to the YouTube description.

Four of the members were equipped with an exotic rocker launcher called Gjallarhorn, which fires rockets and deploys secondary sentries at the site of impact, to help deal devastating damage to the boss. The group was also assisted by a buff called Time’s Vengeance, which increases the damage dealt by grenades and supers while also reducing their cooldown. As a result, the effects of so much combined firepower, combined with the buff, and the experience of Legendary Crew when it comes to raids and bosses, caused Atheon’s health to decrease rapidly.

The 17-second takedown is a new “world record” according to Legendary Crew. Prior to this feat, the record for taking down Atheon was around four minutes.

Destiny, despite mixed reviews from critics, continues to be on a roll. During its first week, the multiplayer FPS title had 5 million viewers watching it on Twitch and was able to make $325 million in worldwide sales within its first five days of release. In its first month, the game boasted around 3.2 million daily players who played the game for an average of three hours a day.

the final boss on the first aion took 15 minutes for 6 ppl to kill it. WoW epic raid bosses can take 25 minutes the least of nonstop combat


Gear matters, trying to kill a level 22 at level 20 I would almost use a full clip, killing a level 22 at level 24 is a burst shot. When you have the best gear everything becomes easy.


I thought the headline was going to refer to an exploit or something, this sounds like they've reached the limit of progression. Bungie needs to release some harder content! When raids become this easy to farm everything from players interest to the games economy is at risk.

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