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As you can imagine, we tend to get a lot of boxes here at Hot Hardware.  Some packages are small, some larger, some fancy, some pretty ho-hum.  Intel shipped us a package this week. It came in a typical, brown cardboard box. However, inside that box was something more than a little flashy (it flashed us quite a bit actually), it was downright freaky...

Behold, it's some sort of spacey, alien cargo capsule... I think.

Now typically we don't open what looks to be at least a twelve pack of Halo plasma grenades; well, not one that is shipped from strangers anyway. Since this one came from our friends (?) at Intel, rather than take it straight to the bomb squad for detonation, we decided to play along and see what this thing does.  Hit play and you might want to stand back... 

ALIEN UNBOXING: Intel Core i7 8-Core Extreme Edition Invades Test Lab

Intel is apparently intent on taking enthusiast computing to the next level, if this thing is any indication; even if they have to send alien container space pod things to get their point across.  And no worries, I won't quit my day job any time soon and take up crooning... 


That looks like a Mega Man energy canister from a video game.


Haha, I'd have to agree now that you mention it.

Sure beats shipping a processor in a simple box.


I wonder if Intel will be sponsoring some giveaways of these kits.


If so, I want one of them,.............


LOL sean you're dead on! love it