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ok, I know.. it was dumb... but I wasnt really thinking about it and after installing Win 8 on the new SSD (C:) I wiped one of the other drives as the "main" drive... then proceeded to install things.


well... thats the F: drive.. lol.


Can I change the drive letter to D without messing everything up? I know I could just change it, but I think it will break everything... so Is there a trick to this to make it work?




IMO I'd not chance it with any changes just to the drive're going to have pathing issues and registry issues.

It just depends on what those items are. I've renamed one of my drives and then proceeded to "reinstall" items where it would just update the program (since it didn't technically need to install everything again since it exists on that drive still. It would just update that pathing info, wouldn't take long).


Partition Magic and Windows 7 both allowed you to change a drive letter with out problems, though I have no clue about Windows 8. There are times when changing the drive letter will cause problems been there.