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Don’t freak out, but Facebook is testing a new feature that would put “Buy” buttons on ads within the social network. Simply, users would see an ad, and the ad would have a button that you could click to purchase the item you see, all without leaving Facebook.

This is an obvious evolution of having ads on Facebook, and it actually makes a lot sense for businesses looking to build their brands on the platform. It seems like this capability would rely on users to impulse buy; a click (or two or three?) and you’ve purchased what you want, all without that built-in second guessing you get when a click sends you to a new site.


There are also clear areas where privacy and security are a concern, although Facebook promises that it won’t be a problem. “We’ve built this feature with privacy in mind, and have taken steps to help make the payment experience safe and secure,” reads a blog post. “None of the credit or debit card information people share with Facebook when completing a transaction will be shared with other advertisers, and people can select whether or not they’d like to save payment information for future purchases.”

Facebook is currently testing the feature with some small- and medium-sized businesses around the country. There’s no timeline for when the tool would roll out worldwide.

That's pretty smart actually. Too bad everyone uses Adblock.


I use ad block. I use facebook to see what friends are up to. If I want to buy something I will goto ebay


Never a better reason to target Facebook servers......

Hackers will pay them more attention now.


Numbers never lie, and there's never been strong conversions of people buying things directly from a Facebook feed; less than 2% conversion rate.

This "Buy Button" system *may* prove to be useful for Company pages to get people to buy time-sensitive deals they generate for potential customers that are interested enough to follow them, but not ads.

No relationship has been built with the customer and the company paying Facebook to push an ad to their face randomly; why would anyone have the intent to buy right when they receive such an (likely) impersonal buying opportunity?

Buying without recommendations from people you trust (opinion leaders or sites for enthusiasts w/ frequent reviews such as this very site) or even comparing the product to the product of others is foolish in 2014.


For Parents, hopefully their kids aren't on their facebook account because we may run into another issue when they "accidentally" press the Buy button. I sure hope there are a lot of secure steps to actually purchase the item.