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With all due respect to Jackson Galaxy, the famed cat behaviorist featured on Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell," some cats just aren't meant to be tamed. Dodge's 2015 model Challenger SRT with its supercharged 6.2 Hemi V8 engine, also known as the Hellcat, is one of them. The Hellcat engine in what Dodge is pimping as "the most powerful muscle car ever" outputs 707 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft of torque, though if that's too much for your commute around town, just use the black key fob to limit the engine to 500 horsepower.

When you need the added power -- at the racetrack or when some punk kid in a souped-up Civic revs his engine at a red light (on an abandoned road, of course) -- the red key fob unlocks the Hellcat's full potential. Both key fobs come standard with every 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT, which is a first in Chrysler's history.

Dodge Challenger SRT

Plenty of care was taken to ensure the Hellcat can withstand the kind of engine revving it's sure to receive. It has a forged-steel crankshaft with induction-hardened bearing surfaces that can withstand firing pressures of 110 bar (1,595 psi), which is equal to five family sedans standing on each high-strength, forged-alloy piston at every two revolutions.

The Hellcat also sports heat-treated aluminum-alloy cylinder heads optimized for thermal conductivity, along with die-cast aluminum rocker covers in Hemi orange.

While the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT is certainly the cat's meow, there's also a bit of Viper in the vehicle. The Tremec six-speed manual transmission is derived from the Dodge Viper and features an upgraded clutch along with an external cooling circuit for durability.

Dodge's list of features seems endless and includes things like gas-charged adjustable shock absorbers, 15.4-inch Brembo two-piece front brake rotors optimized for performance, six-pot calibers for superior stopping power, oodles of creature comforts (heated seats and steering wheel come standard), and so forth.

Challenger Inside

Looking to own one? Every 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT is built at the company's Brampton, Ontario assembly plant and will start arriving in Dodge dealerships in the third quarter of this year. No word yet on pricing.

Holy Crap.... I WANT THAT

Super Dave

Now THAT'S some hot hardware! I'd take a Challenger over the Camaro any day.

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*YAWN* American muscle cars especially those trying to relive the styling from their origin eras are just so tacky. Really none of the throwback vehicles from any maker are attractive. They are all way too big, too heavy, and made with the cheapest worst feeling plastics in the interior. Such a huge and heavy car like this with all this power is just a sled on wheels I can't imagine this will corner well. Who drag races anymore? BMW M3/M4/M5/M6, Benz C63, Suburu WRX sti, Nissan GT-R, Lexus RC F, Caddy CTS-V are all real men's cars and all probably fall in the same price category as this challenger while not being too much slower in a straight line but able to corner the "hell cat" out of the SRT, AND having a much nicer/more comfortable interior to boot.

I commend Dodge for trying to keep powerful cars alive, but power doesn't equal performance. Can't wait to see the Stig drive it though on Top Gear next year.


Not bad, sounds bad ass xD. Not a fan of muscle cars though.

btw spelled calipers wrong :P


And this is technology related how?


I want one :)


if it wasn't for the gas mileage it would get and the cost of buying it, I would love to have one.


still a fan of the looks of the camaro..but there is NO denying... damn that is  a sexy car.



think that the first of the newer challenger that have lived up to the name


Great car and all, but I still want a Tesla. I can't say I'll ever afford one, but it's something to dream about.


Already planned to replace my Infiniti with the new Lexus RC F. This thing is a brick with a rocket strapped to it.


Dear mother of god.


I see it and I feel it.
That is  a sexy car!


I'm glad I can sees it.



InfinityzeN1 wrote:

Already planned to replace my Infiniti with the new Lexus RC F. This thing is a brick with a rocket strapped to it.

good luck getting your hands on one! lol those come out in the fall correct? ... and are there pics that arent the prototype out yet?