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We're not going to stand on our soap box and talk about how pirating games is wrong and how it robs publishers and developers of the fruits of their labor. We won't even bring up how piracy has led to increasingly intrusive and annoying DRM schemes. However, we will point out that there are other reasons why you should think twice about pirating a PC game, one of the biggest being the risk of infection.

Can you really trust that torrent file to be free of malicious debris? Not always. There's a torrent floating around that claims to be an early version of Ubisoft's forthcoming Watch Dogs title, but what's hidden inside the archive is a Bitcoin miner.

Watch Dogs

At best, downloading the torrent and attempting to install the game will turn your PC into a money making machine for someone else, robbing you of GPU and CPU cycles in the process. That's a pretty crummy best case scenario, but it beats the worst case experiences some have reported, such as OS instability, blue screen of death errors, and high CPU consumption immediately after installing..

According to PlayAttack, the virus installs a pair of .exe files, including winlogin.exe (don't confuse this with winlogon.exe, which is a legitimate Windows file), and itc.exe, which is a Bitcoin miner.

Watch Dogs releases to PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in just a couple of days -- May 27, 2014. There will also be a version released to Wii U later this year.

Those clever assholes ;p


no problem, just disconnect internet and the miner can't connect so it doesn't affect you lol. This sounds more like a fake so that people don't pirate the game xDD


itd be a pretty horrible fake, since a hidden bitcoin miner isnt malicious, so there isnt really anything to be afraid of... if its fake with no proof it would be just as easy to say "HIDDEN TROJAN SENDS ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL INFO STRAIGHT TO OBAMA'S COMPUTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE!" or something else dumb people would be afraid of.


A bitcoin miner is as annoying as any virus if it takes part of your PCs power for itself. Even if its not stealing info.

As far as pirating and getting malicious software... that goes for all downloading on the internet, so try again. The idea that it "robs" these companies is ill thought out.. You are basically telling a pirate that they WOULD buy it if they couldn't pirate it. Presumptuous.

PC piracy seems to be happening later than console piracy now. The ps3 and xbox360 versions of these are out to DL and likely working fine.


I like in Quebec and a friend of mine who work for Ubisoft at Montreal just gave me one copy and i got it for about near 2 weeks now and this game is great. Assassin Creed style gameplay in a GTA like world but with all the hacking possibilities and way much better graphics . In fact nobody should think steal games and do not respect the hard work of the team behind thoses game you know... 😉 ?


^ if everybody don't pay for the game don't cry because all games gonna be cheap and booring because the programmers, team ect ect need to be paid too, you know. I'm shure every body understand here


Not the first time someone has done this to a game.


Nothing wrong with piracy and getting games and movies, as well as other apps for free. Maybe if Hollywood and game publishers would start making some good, quality films and games, piracy numbers will go in decline.


Kelly Michaels which explains why the hottest songs, biggest movie blockbusters and best games are the most pirated...

What you said is like the coworker I had who told me he would work harder after he got a raise. It simply doesn't work that way.


LandreWhite, so you're saying everyone should buy it but you're cool cause you know someone who GAVE you the game but the rest of us should BUY it? You sound like a douche and you should put the game away and learn how to spell. LOL


Another reason to hate bitcoin (et al) miners.


thats pretty freakin brilliant! hahaha good times


publishers rob consumers of their money all the god damn time


Lol, Limewire Full song: