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Google missed its mark of the end of 2013, but the company got close: Residents of the second city to get access to Google Fiber--Provo, Utah--can now sign up for the service. Google says the gigabit Internet service will come online in waves, starting next month in the North Park neighborhood (er, fiberhood that is) and work down to the Foothills by the end of the year.

Update: Google reached out to us and pointed out that they did actually have the first Google Fiber residents in Provo hooked up and using the service by the end of the year. Thus, Google did not "miss its mark" as mentioned above.

Residents can get Google Fiber service in one of three tiers: a gigabit Internet connection for $70/mo, a gigabit Internet and TV plan for $120/mo, or a free 5Mbps Internet plan with a $30 installation fee.

Provo, Utah getting Google Fiber

Google is lighting up Provo in a matter of weeks, and areas of Kansas City are already enjoying gigabit speeds. Austin, Texas is next on the list in the not-too-distant future.

Google Fiber’s gigabit Internet offers speeds about 100 times faster than average broadband around the country, and some lucky cities are getting the service seemingly 100 times faster than the rest of us.

Come to las vegas. Blow cox out of the water please!


Yea cause all those Mormons need a fiber connection... Why aren't they rolling this out in New York or Chicago?


Heh... Totally agree. Bring it to Boston!


"a free 5Mbps Internet plan with a $30 installation fee"

Thank you Google for looking out for us PovertyGeeks


Utah actually is the most connected state in the US, BrianBarber, A huge factor in Provo getting it.


Can you just come to LA pleaseeee


Booming tech due to booming education add fact that provo actually gave google the rights to the prexisting fiber network. Meaning all some upgrades and other minimal work and google can have working network shaving tons of the cost down for google. These are the reasons why they went to provo first also larger citys require more permitting and planning due to you have to have fiber and fiber requires trenching.

My guess is new york and all those are in the works its just more work more stuff they have to do to comply.


they need to come out here to rural indiana...where net problems really exist


How 'bout Texas!


Spearfish, South Dakota next please! :D


You have to Understand one thing the size of the city matters in a very large way this city compared to Boston, New York, LA, heck even Seattle or Boston!

The population in Provo is 115,919 at the last census. I live in Kennesaw in Cobb County GA this counties population is 707,442 but it is considered part of the city of Atlanta. The population in Atlanta is a joke really as they only consider Metro Atlanta as the city which is just a part of Fulton County. Just adding the three big counties Fulton/Atlanta-Cobb-Dekalb (Atlanta and the direct NE/NW counties) the population is 2,392,304 million and there are probably 20 counties all together considered Atlanta all having a larger population than Provo, Utah.

Size and Impact is what GOOGLE looks for building up its ISP. Look at any battle through history and you will see any great general start with the small parts and as the small parts are conquered the larger parts get a bit weaker. This seems to be GOOGLE's ISP strategy.

When they get enough dedicated small parts they will own COMCAST, COX, Time Warner, and AT&T because they will have the specific network area cash flow and can just keep expanding. When the GOVT. realizes they have enough small parts they will receive a duopoly of some sort just like BELL/AT&T did way back in the day.