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Yahoo President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Marissa Mayer is obviously doing something right, lest anyone can come up with another explanation as to why her company would rank No. 1 on comScore's list of top 50 online properties in the U.S. According to comScore, Yahoo and its websites recorded 196.5 million unique visitors in July, trumping Google, who's combined properties attracted 192.2 million unique visitors for second place.

Perhaps the back-to-school shopping season played a role in why more visitors directed their browser over to Yahoo and its properties than at Google.

Yahoo Headquarters

"Back-to-school shopping was top of mind for many Americans in July, seen by a spike in traffic to Fashion and Accessories sites, as well as Consumer Goods sites for school supplies," comScore said. "Coupon sites also saw pickup as consumers went on the hunt for savings."

If that's the case, it's a bit surprising that Amazon didn't rank higher than sixth place with 110 million unique visitors. Regardless, July was a good month for Yahoo. Related to the number of unique visitors is the site's ad reach, which was 87.2 percent. What that means is that Yahoo sites were seen by 87.2 percent of the 225 million total Internet users in July, a figure that also trumped Google, which had an 80.6 percent ad reach.

i guess OMG and Yahoo Finance still pretty popular.


Hey I am for healthy competition no one should go unchecked for so long personally they have done hell of a job dont think I am ready to go back still too cluttered. But cleaned up user interface and actually have decent search results now I don't search banana and find a bunch of websites about birds so that is good.