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AOC Q29630 29Ask any person who owns a dual-monitor setup and they'll all tell you they couldn't fathom going back to a single display. Maybe you're one of those people, and if so, you know exactly the feeling we're talking about. But what if you could enjoy all the benefits of a dual-monitor configuration from a single monitor? Would you be game to reclaiming some desk space by trading in two panels for a single display?

AOC aims to answer that question with its new 29-inch Q2963PM display. Armed with an UltraWide In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel, this LED-backlit monitor boasts a 2560x1080 resolution with 21:9 aspect ratio, providing viewers with an extra-long panoramic view...

AOC Q29630 29" UltraWide IPS LED Monitor Review


*Drools* Too much want.


i would just want a few of those


A $400.00 is not too shabby. I'd love to get one of them.


Love the fact that it is an IPS panel, definitely want atleast one!!


I purchased on of these about 6 weeks ago and have been nothing but pleased.

From the matte finish on the screen to the plethora of inputs its almost the perfect monitor.

Gaming is great also, as pretty much all modern games offer resolutions based upon what the video driver tells the game it can run.

And to not have any more letterboxing on movies is fantastic. [censored]ing about the lack of a rotate feature is simply asinine, there is NO conceivable way anything with such an aspect ratio would be useful in portrait mode and simply isn't something that any real user would have a use for.

A USB hub would have been nice, but its really no great loss, and unless EVERY other screen had this there is no way this should be considered a negative.

Given the connectivity options, a remote would have been a great addition like my 2 Asus 27" panels do.

And as for the speakers, they should have been dropped from the design from the start.


Asinine, eh? Don't tell that to NEC -- the company's 29-inch EA294WMi UltraWide (2560x1080) display rotates into portrait mode just fine. So does the Philips 298P4QJEB, another UltraWide display with a 2560x1080 resolution.


I would love to play Visual Pinball full screen on this, too bad it doesn't rotate. Sorry to be so asinine about it!


Whoop dee doo. What is the point of the rotation other than to add another check on the spec list? Its simply a stupid feature on this ratio of screen. You'd be far better off with a 32" display (no rotation required) or to just grow up.

Also remember, that these other screens cost close to twice the amount for pretty much no differences that are worthwhile.


I want this for gaming but this would cost too much!


There are quite a few scenarios where portrait mode could come in handy. To name just a few: photography, specialized gaming (pinball, as has been pointed out by another reader), certain CAD work, reading through long documents (productivity), and programming/debugging all immediately come to mind. One could even argue the benefits of investing in multiple monitors (as AOC is quick to promote), in portrait mode, if it was supported.

I understand you don't personally have a need for the feature, and that's great, because as pointed out in the review, there's a lot to like about the display. However, it's just plain wrong to discredit the feature altogether in a professional panel.


I have been reading that these type of 29" monitors are not for everyone. I use MarkView imaging software for work and I need to be able to view both the images and another app side-by-side. I think this will be a great monitor for the amount of real estate space it gives. I have a 24" Dell but not sure if buying this will complement the current Dell monitor I have. If HotHardware is saying that this monitor is good for gaming that I would give this monitor a second look as a future investment.


why still x1080 and not a higher resolution?


Nice looking screen. I have got to put my system back on two screens again. I have 2 extra screens collecting dust.


Awesome read, when I have the money I'm definitely upgrading. Would make for a great dual display, and one hell of a panoramic view when playing games. All the built in features and the solid hardware in it seem to be the icing on the cake.