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Not interested in ponying up for an Xbox One? Looking to spruce your Xbox 360 up? Microsoft has just the hardware for you. The company announced this week the introduction of the Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome Series Gold Wireless Controller. Aside from the outrageous new color, the functions remain the same. It'll pack a pretty pricey $54.99 price tag, and it'll ship this August exclusively at GameStop and Microsoft Store locations in addition to select regions worldwide.

Now, the real question: is Microsoft planning a gold controller for the Xbox One?

Honestly not that special. Looks very similar to the C3PO controller. And the colorful button scheme doesn't really compliment the gold all that well. It just looks pretty tacky to me. That's just my opinion though.


I admit I like this quite a bit... I'm not even sure why. Might have to cave in and get one since I've wanted a spare X360 gamepad anyway.

Edit: As someone at Major Nelson's site pointed out, this gamepad uses the same thumbsticks as the Xbox One's gamepad!


I love how they sell us the same thing with a different look, at a increased price, over and over again.

I guess we must be buying it...instead of asking for something better.


Every time a Microsoft employee speaks, a reiterative product is created.

This is similar to the SE principle which states every time a game doesn't sell 10 million copies a FFVII tie-in is subsequently born for a future product.

One works on dudebros, the other on sentimentals.

Be it 'Merica or the Japanese way, product trolling at it's finest.


Well... is it actually metal or is it just plastic designed to look metal? A solid metal 360 controller might be worth it simply because of the PC compatibility.


Couldn't find an answer about if it was actually metal or not (I assume it is not). I did find that it will be available in Red, Blue, and Silver (my personal favorite of the bunch) as well.



Cheers for the link... that blue one is tempting the heck out of me. I have doubts it's real metal, unfortunately. That has me a bit concerned... I don't want this "chrome" to chip off a year down the road.


Xbox 360 golden controller must be a way to get people into Microsoft! I am done with Microsoft's failures on the Xbox one I must act fast to spread this news.