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It’s a beautiful thing to watch a technology emerge before your very eyes, and that’s exactly what’s happening in the field of 3D printing. In fact, it was just recently that we first put any 3D printers on the test bench, and now you can buy the things at your local Staples store.

Staples said today that it now offers the Cube 3D Printer from 3D Systems for sale on its website, and the printer will be available in a a few brick-and-mortar locations starting this June. The device will retail for $1,299.99 and features plug-and-play setup, Wi-Fi, 25 free 3D templates, and a small enough size that it can be used just as easily in large offices as in small homes.

Staples Cube 3D

It also comes with printing software that’s compatible with Windows or Mac computers and prints in ABS or PLA up to 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches.

Staples Cube 3D

For good measure, the Cube 3D printer comes cool colors including silver, white, hot pink, lime green, and electric blue in case owning your own desktop 3D printer wasn’t incentive enough to buy one.

Awesome! Anyone want to loan me $1500 and ill make you something in return for your contribution? Pretty sweet though that the 3D printers are getting very mainstream you can go to a brick and mortar store to pick them up.


I think that it's cool, but I have no need for this.


This is awesome to see these getting out there like this! I would have pretty much no use for one except for mild entertainment and maybe making a temporary small object, but it is still a great thing to have going around :)

Joseph Pianta

I still want a LASER printer and then a LASER Cutter before a 3D printer...


I wish money was no object for me. I would be rocking one of these immediately. :)


i dont understand ... what it do ... 

Printer ? how it work and all !?!?! :S :S :S