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Microsoft Research has developed a proof-of-concept gaming uber-toy called IllumiRoom that expands the gaming environment from beyond the bezel of your TV to the whole room. Essentially, while the TV is still the focal point of the action, IllumiRoom adds a variety of effects that accentuates it.

After a simple auto calibration, IllumiRoom can add “projected illusions” of basic and advanced lighting and color scenarios, snow and star fields, a radial wobble when you’re shooting guns, an 80s sci-fi-type grid, bouncing objects, select elements from the gaming environment, extensions of the actual gaming environment to give you a big screen feel, and more.


You can layer on multiple illusions in a single game, too, which is a sight to see. Fortunately, you can see the sights as it were, because Microsoft Research made a really cool video for us to see IllumiRoom in action.

The technology uses a Kinect for Windows camera and a projector to leverage the “appearance and geometry of the room” to create the illusions in real time without any need for graphical pre-processing.


IllumiRoom is clever, appeals to even casual users, and appears to be a relatively simple implementation and evolution of existing technology, which are all hallmarks of a terrific product. It just so happens to have the deep pockets of Microsoft backing it up, as well, which means that it’s more than likely we’ll see IllumiRoom become a Real Thing that will be available with the Xbox someday.

I remember seeing this a while back. It was a really neat idea. The issue in reality, you probably going to need a relatively dark room to really see the picture form the projector. But watching that video make sit seem like a really kool way to enhance your gaming experience


this cool, already view this on IGN on video

its a + for imersion and entertain !

but not a always play with .. i think it can confuse at long use or give brainhash or dizziness


wow my mind is blown!!!!! its like they took an idea from the wii u and multiplied by like a bazillion. Except the one screen mode where everything is combined looks like it would give me a combined head ace and seizure. i like the reality distortion one with gun fire making a ripple effect in reality. I look forward to further development of this

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I think this is incredibly cool, useful, better interaction/immersion, and I don't see any downsides at all other than making sure you can use it in a dark room. Something like this wouldn't make me dizzy or give me seizures, it's just pretty much amplifying your screen if a 70" TV doesn't make you dizzy this probably won't.


Why? Like no. I want to it on my ass while gaming and be immersed in one screen.


KarelRoy wrote:

this cool, already view this on IGN on video

its a + for imersion and entertain !

but not a always play with .. i think it can confuse at long use or give brainhash or dizziness

Yeah, I can see it being more immersive for the gaming experience in some situations... but not in all.

I'm really bad for things like subtitles.  If I'm watching a movie with subtitles, even if they are speaking English, and still using English subtitles, I will ALWAYS read them.  Even if I have seen the movie 100 times, and know word for word what the characters are going to say, I still will read the subtitles.  

So, if I'm playing lets say, Skyrim, and I'm in a fight with a dragon.  The dragon breathes fire onto me, and now my entire wall is lit up with red and orange flame effects... That could prove very distracting for me.


As for dizziness or "Brainhash" (?), I can definitely see things like that being an issue for SOMEONE out there...That's a given.  It's more a question of how those who aren't usually affected by those kinds of things will react.


I'm not going to lie, this thing looks SUPER cool, but I think it is going to need a Rev.2 before I buy in.