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You know, it's a funny thing -- it seems that while the Big Four compete against one another for wireless sales in the U.S., they sure don't offer a lot of differentiation. Each carrier charges roughly the same thing each money, offers roughly the same portfolio of phones, and after one carrier went all-in with shared data contracts, it looks as if the dominos are falling there as well. Now, there's word that Verizon Wireless may follow T-Mobile's "no contract" lead.

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam recently stated that he'd be open to the thought of getting rid of contracts, but here's the thing: while T-Mobile doesn't do contracts, they still have a grip on customers. T-Mobile's scheme has you on the hook for monthly payments on whatever phone you select up-front, so even though there's no contract per se, you'll still owe T-Mobile a wad of money for that phone should you duck out early. Really, it's six in one hand and a half-dozen in the other. To T-Mobile's credit, this scheme is marketing well, and people tend to be falling for it -- or, at least paying attention to a carrier that has largely been left behind

So, while Verizon may go the same route, be careful before assuming that it's a pro-consumer move. Moving payments and fees around isn't the same as actually reducing the cost of phones and mobile services.

Does Verizon still have a problem with running data and voice at the same time? It's really the only reason I switched from them to AT&T when I got my first smart phone. Now that the contract is up I'm looking for better options.


yes and no. See when on 4g you can talk and surf but if your in an area with only 3g or less you cannot. 3g will disconnect during a phone call


yeah i wouldnt trust anything verizon does to be pro-consumer. if they emulate tmobiles plans they are going to somehow find a way to screw over the customers. I have to admit as much as i dislike they're prices and plans since i am actually with them and im grandfathered in to unlimited data i absolutely love they're 4g coverage and general coverage


I live in Arizona, rural Arizona, the attitude of the phone companies towards us is ridiculous, our town of 8000 doesnt show up on At&t's maps. on every major carrier's website they have a locator to see if your area is covered, our zip code isn't covered by anyone, we have to use AT&T and register as a city 30 min away just to use their service in an area thats not supported, completely devoid of 3g 4g or any sort of data what so ever.


Anything that happens will be one of those they tell you one thing and go with another. I had t-mobile for a good 6-7 years before I broke off with them. I used the prepaid plan they had so I could not be changed anything extra regardless and got the subsidized phone deals, unlimited calling/text/data/ect. I dropped my phone into the lake one day on my boat and so I kicked myself but I was due for a new phone anyways and this was literally they day after they started doing all this. 

So I called them up and was told that I had to buy a phone from someone else (not though t-mobile at all to keep my plan) or do their "no contract but monthly installments". I honestly flat out was about to do it then said screw it and asked to cancel. The rep didnt put a fight and just said since I already paid for the month that it would be turned off at the end and went with a different carrier. 

Anyways the whole thing to this story is it would have cost me about $10-15 more a month to buy a phone though then instead of going on ebay or craigslist and getting a new or used phone for cheaper.


Looking at changing from T-Mobile most likely in the near future the pricing part is good for me but even in a city with wide span service for some reason it seems like I loose, am sometimes missing calls and text messages even take 10-15 minutes if they come through at all not to mention sometimes not getting voice mail for a good while. I have recently gone back to work and am on the road all day moving around within the city so I a pretty much cover the North to central parts of Atlanta daily every day. SO coverage is a must have everywhere I will probably go back to Verizon whom I previously left two years ago in late may. Helps that I get a discount for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon as well with Verizon being the largest of the three discount wise as well.