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While it's debatable as to whether or not Apple really feels strongly one way or the other to jailbreaking, at least in terms of public and official confirmation, it's starting to become clearer. If you aren't aware, the term "jailbreak" describes an installation of software that overwrites critical parts of iOS in order to let unapproved applications run on iOS devices (iPod touch, iPhone and iPad). Over the years, jailbreaking has grown from a risky move attempted only by daredevil owners, to something that's far more mainstream. According to recent reports, the long-awaited iOS 6 jailbreak, termed evasi0n, has been installed over seven million times in a week. If that rate continues, who knows how many could download the program by the month's end.

Around 300 million iOS devices are presently running iOS 6, and while even 10 million wouldn't register as a huge swath in the grand scheme of things, it's still fairly telling: people want to be able to do things with their iOS products that Apple won't allow. Things like a tweaked notification screen, different icon layouts, deletion of stock Apple apps, and the ability to run unsigned software.

Pundits have argued that iOS' innovation has slowed somewhat, and iOS 6 brought little to the table compared to iOS 5. With some seven million people reaching for a jailbreak in just a week, it's obvious that there's demand for more than what Apple is shipping from the factory. So, are you one of those seven million? Plan to take the jailbreak plunge soon?

The best jailbreak is an Android device.


This was the reason i went from my iphone 4/4s to my Galaxy S3, you know what? ive never used a phone MORE than ive had this phone in the last month or so since it "allows" you the user to do when you want and more importantly "what" you want to do with it. I never got the android thing until now and even if 4.1 wasnt a great OS people are amazed at how easy it is to swap files bluetooth ringtones....its YOUR product and you can use it how you see fit, instead of Dictator Apple telling you how to its that simple.