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When Avatar and Clash of the Titans hit theaters in 2009, 3D was heralded as the next big thing. Standard movies were released with 3D versions and 3D TV channels were expected to change the way people watched TV. But today, the momentum for 3D TV has split from the momentum for 3D movies and 3D TV viewership isn’t where media executives expected it to be, according to a report by the Associated Press. In fact, The Nielsen Company has found viewership to be too small for its viewing-habit measurements.

Obstacles to acceptance likely include the 3D glasses and the pricing, which is generally higher for 3D TVs than for standard HDTV sets. Throw in the additional charges that some cable and satellite carriers require, (not to mention 3D Blu-ray players) and you’re looking at a real investment.

ESPN Is Giving 3D TV A Boost

Image Credit: ESPN 3D

It’s not all bad news, though. Analysts expect this to be a better year for 3D TVs than in years past. And if you’re a sports (and 3D) fan, you’ll be glad to know that ESPN 3D is one of the biggest 3D channels on the market and has been steadily building the list of providers who offer the channel.
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No one watches 3D. Everyone I know here in the San Fernando valley in LA skip the 3D movies for the normal variety, the premium is just not worth wearing uncomfortable glasses for an experience that gives you a headache. As for the tv's the high end come with 3D whether you like it or not because we all have these tv's (pretty much all Samsung) and some of us got free glasses while others didn't but other than trying out the feature none of us have ever actually left the feature on.

It's just not ready.


Try wearing the glasses if you already wear glasses. I always go to the regular unless friends want to go to 3d. ( i'm near sighted so i have to wear my glasses under the 3d ones)


I don't go to 3D movies. The resulting headache isn't worth it to me.

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I'm with you guys. My brain ignores one eye, so I literally don't see what all this 3D fuss is about.


Inferring that 3D capable bluray players being expensive as part of the low adoption rate is misleading and wrong. They cost the same as 2D ones.


Same. Some friends dragged me to Finding Nemo 3D recently (I like the original), and it was near torture. Glasses over glasses, and the constant sensation that I'm staring at something very close made it terrible. I wonder if it had something to do with the way the 3D is displayed or how bright it is, because I don't remember having as much trouble with Avatar.

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MCaddick, I think the point is many people still have just DVD players and would have to buy a new player to get 3d, your assumption is that someon is already in the market for a player any way


All of the above apply to me. Between having to buy a new tv and having to try wearing the glasses on top of mine, it's just not worth it to me. Now when no glasses become consumer affordable, I might give it a thought then.


I like 3D a lot when done right but the overall problem is the content being provided. Its all garbage grade D and even when they finally have good content the narration will put you to sleep.


This does not come as a surprize to me. Maybe soon we can finally start pushing something actually worth pushing like 4K TVs.


Ive heard a lot of buzz about 4k tvs and want to see one in person. 3D was cool the first time I watched a movie with it (Avatar), since then I watched Clash of the titans and Jackass in 3D. Both were not enhanced by the added depth and so I decided like many above that it isn't worth the extra cost to me.

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Everyone (companies) jumped so quickly on the 3D bandwagon. I personally haven't seen a 3D movie at the theater and will not be getting a 3D TV. I have zero desire for it.


I really enjoy 3D 🙂 I like the depth it gives to everything. I don't like the whole stuff popping out of the screen thing. That is just annoying. It is nice when you don't think about it and it is just there. Like in Avatar when they are walking around in the jungle. That looks amazing :D