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According to Reuters, Amazon will be adding integrated mapping to the Kindle Fire by partnering with Nokia, which means that Google Maps won’t be on yet another platform, Apple having ditched it with the iOS 6 release.

Amazon is expected to announce a new round of Kindle Fires (and possibly other devices) at a press conference this week, so the news of integrated maps functionality is timely. It’s reasonable to assume that in addition to Nokia’s maps, Amazon will have built in some of the mapping technology it acquired when it bought 3D mapping service UpNext earlier this summer.

More exciting for new Kindle Fire buyers, Reuters’ sources also indicated that the new version will have location capabilities, be it GPS or WiFi Triangulation.

Amazon Kindle Fire maps

A footnote to this news concerns Nokia and its slow climb back from the brink. The company has seen its share of struggles in the last year or so and its fortunes have evaporated into a shadow of what they once were. Down but not out, however, Nokia is working on a comeback via new Windows Phone devices, and keeping its other technologies--such as maps--relevant by partnering with a juggernaut like Amazon will certainly help the rebuilding effort.
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>> Nokia is working on a comeback via new Windows Phone devices, 

Isn't "doing the same thing and expecting different results" the very definition of insanity?

This Android-powered Kindle device is the first think I've heard of that could slow Elop's race for the bottom.


I like my phone and my tablet to have consistent tools. I won't be going with the Kindle.


To be honest im not really surprised, from what ive heard Nokia's map software outclasses google's by quite a margin.


Nokia has alot of history and i owned a nokia5110 way back in the day tjen upgraded to the 3310 it sure was the best back then the 4 liner phone. My last nokia phone was the n96 one of the best phone i owned due to alot off apps and customization. Way before than thay stupid iphonny came. I would still get a nokia phone om just waiting for their pureview phone to come out at least the new ones.


Now let Nokia manufacture the device and it will be indestructible! 😛 lol


Why would Nokia want to partner with Windows phones in the first place?! Those phones are garbage... Nokia used to be a big dog. :(


Your opinion on WP aside, MS does pay them to make Windows Phones. So it's actually cheaper for them than to have to pony up the funds to promote Android, which in turn would also have them paying MS instead of MS paying them.

While Nokia hasn't yet given up on Symbian, which is what they were using before WP. Also competing with already established Android devices would make it harder for them to control pricing and would likely reduce their margins so they could wind up even having a harder time recovering, at least for the short term.

Basically, just offering Android won't ensure success for them and with MS paying them, they have time to consider their options and decide if they really want to give up on Symbian, which they haven't yet.

Really, even Samsung is still developing its own alternative to Android and also making Windows Phones too. Along with HTC...

It's taken awhile but opinions on WP are turning around. Ever since version 7.5 came out things have been turning around. So between MS promoting/financing and future potential if MS WP8/WRT/W8 marketing pays off that it may be at least a viable choice.

Besides, having choices helps promote competition and that helps ensure we get the best products to choose from.


Out of all the phones on the market right now, I would say like the windows phone is by far the best. Clearly you have not used one or you are a massive apple/android fanboy.


It is very fluid and smooth. I love the active tiles and the layout. If is very different from android and apple.