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Windows XP might very well be the most loved operating system of all time (on the Windows side), but after nearly 10 years since being released, it's no longer the popular. That distinction now (finally) belongs to Windows 7, a popular OS in its own right.

It's taken three years, but Windows 7's market share is now slightly ahead of XP at 42.76 percent and 42.52 percent, respectively. That's practically a tie, though Windows 7 has been gaining on XP for some time now, and in the months to come, the gap is expected to widen.

Windows 7 Desktop

An interesting side note at play here is the upcoming release of Windows 8. Microsoft's hardware partners have been busy making Windows 8 product announcements at IFA in Berlin, but it will be the customers who ultimately decide if the touch-friendly OS is a success or not. If Windows 8 flops for whatever reason (no Start menu, confusing interface, funky UI), Windows 7 will be the OS that benefits, much like XP did when Vista was first released.

What operating system(s) are you using these days?
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>> If Windows 8 flops for whatever reason (no Start menu, confusing interface, funky UI), Windows 7 will be the OS that benefits

Agreed. Win7 is the new WinXP. I'd love to see Linux pick up some market share off of Win8, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that.

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My guess it that people are replacing their PC's and the new ones come with Win7 which is the only reason it's ahead of XP. I'd be interested in seeing the figures for people who purchased the upgrade for an existing XP system.

That's an interesting point and is definitely valid - however Windows 7 is a stellar operating system, and off-the-shelf editions have also sold in huge volumes.

Bundling definitely plays a large role in an OS's success, but lets not forget Vista was bundled too, and it didn't even come close to breaching XP's penetration.

I'll expect Windows 9 to do a similar thing. It seems that Microsoft are unintentionally taking a leaf out of Intels book and using a tick-tock system. One excellent OS (95) one meh (98) one excellent (98 SE).. 7 is what Vista should have been, perhaps 9 will be what 8 should have been. It seems the successful OS is the one every other generation.


Some may be from new PC purchases but a lot are also just upgrades. The shift from XP to Windows 7 started shortly after MS announced Windows 8 and also stated that XP support will finally be ended 8/4/2014... So those who held onto XP only got a few years left to make the switch and it's better for them to do that sooner rather than later.

Mainstream support for Windows 7 will continue till the beginning of 2015, and from then extended support will last till 2020.

Thing is Extended support means the end of updates, aside from security related updates, and the end of "no charge" support options.

So many companies would rather ride it out with Windows 7 for now as XP is already on Extended Support, and establish their setup before Windows 7 enters Extended Support too.

While we'll see how Windows 8 develops, it's nowhere near as bad as many rants would lead you to believe. It's mainly a matter of getting used to it and overcoming some pre-conceptions.

Like many people think they are more production when multi-tasking when the truth is only about 2% of all people can do it without becoming less productive.

While those who miss the start menu don't realize they've been using it less and less every year.

Pinning apps, creating custom taskbar menus, virtual desktops, etc are all what has already started to take over for Start Menu usage.

While the new Start Search is actually faster, it just requires getting used to thinking of searches in categories but that's arguably better than lumping all similar worded items together and then trying to look through the list for the one you actually are looking for.

Adapting takes time though and people tend to resist change, so we'll see how this goes over the next year or two, but Windows 8 is likely to be successful where previous Windows has not. So that's likely to give it the time needed to become accepted over time.


Its the best platform fo gaming in my opinion. And thays all that matters atleast for me.


Im actually surprised with how many systems there are still on XP. They should be working to update/upgrade these machines. But i guess if it isn't broken don't fix it...


I loved Windows XP, as did the world. When It was time for upgrade I unfortunately went to Vista. It's not that Vista wasn't a completely bad OS it's just that it lacked drivers and I had the worst time with it.

I feel as though Windows 8 Will follow the same routine as vista did. But Hey, I'm not a windows 8 expert. I only tried the Release Candidate. I liked it I just felt as though they took the simplicity of Windows 7 and added a bunch of unneeded crap.

I myself will stay with windows 7 for a while. It runs great and I'm very productive on it. Not to say you can't adapt to Windows 8. It's just my personal preference to stick with Windows 7 for now.

If/When I buy myself a touch screened device I might go with Windows 8.


I've only ever had Win95, XP and Windows 7.  There are always some features or improvements I'd like to see, but they never seem to be what Microsoft is working on.  I could see myself staying with Windows 7 for a while, it's been a pretty good run of avoiding the crashier versions.


Im not really surprised, from the moment i beta tested 7 i new it would take over for xp. I was even a Windows 7 launch party host. I think 7 will be here for a long while and while 8 is interesting im almost positive that it is going to end up much like vista, albeit a significantly better performing dead OS.


Windows 7 Pro 64 bit is the perfect OS for me and most gamers out there. It's very stable and I can use all 8 gigs of my RAM. I don't see any reason to upgrade to 8. I made the mistake of going to Vista ultimate. Not that it was a had OS for me, but looking back it wasn't worth the $170 I paid for it when 7 was just around the corner at the time.