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In order to provide ample memory to support 16 core chips, Super Talent announced new DDR3-1333MHz RDIMM modules for servers. These are quad-channel, quad-rank modules that come in 8GB capacities.

Super Talent has tested the new modules on AMD Interlagos motherboards.

Super Talent Introduces Quad-Channel, Quad Rank DDR3 RDIMMs
Enabling 128GB DRAM Capacity on today’s modern Servers

San Jose, California – Dec 6, 2011 – Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of NAND flash storage solutions, today announces a new line of 1333 MHz, quad rank registered DDR3 RDIMM modules for servers.

Today’s new motherboards that support the new 16 core processors, now require a new type of RDIMMs, quad-channel DDR3. On the heels of their single and dual rank RDIMMs, Super Talent is pleased to announce a new Quad-Rank Module for those who require even more DRAM capacity.

At 8GB per module, today’s servers can now support a maximum of 128GB of RAM. These modules have passed vigorous testing using the new AMD Interlagos™ compatible motherboards and even support fully loaded configurations at speeds up to 1066 MHz.

If you’re deploying a new server and have been looking for RDIMMs to deliver maximum performance and capacity, you owe it to yourself to call SuperTalent. Products available and shipping now.

so it's 1333 MHz ram that can be configured up to 1066 MHz? stable or can these babies be overclocked to achieve that 1333 MHz?