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We hear about "world's best" in the PC category nearly every week. There's the smallest, quickest, thinnest, thickest, you get the idea. But now Stealth PC what they're calling the world's smallest rugged PC, and we are having a hard time arguing the claim. This pint-sized PC is barely larger than a standard ink pen in length, and at just 1.2lbs., you'd actually have more weight carrying around a MacBook Air.

The new LPC-100 is the company's smallest to date, measuring 4.0" x 6.1" x 1.45". It's "about the size of a paperback novel," and has an integrated Core 2 Duo processor as well. The LPC-100 is available with a standard Intel Dual Core Celeron T3100 (1.9GHz) or optional Intel Core 2 Duo processors P8400 (2.26Ghz) or T9400 (2.53Ghz), and there's integrated Intel graphics for handling standard 2D desktop duties. There's also 4GB of DDR3 memory a 2.5" hard drive slot, Ethernet, three USB ports, DVI output, audio in/out and loads more ports -- all the more impressive given the size. This little guy starts at $995, though, so you should probably be ready to pay a steep premium for the size.

Stealth.Com Introduces a New Ultra Compact Mini PC.
Small Enough to Fit in Your Hand Yet Outperforms Most Desktop and Mobile Computers Available Today

Toronto ~ July 2010 - Inc. (Stealth Computer) a leading ISO 9001 manufacturer of industrial rugged computers and peripherals has released a new form factor of mini pc, the model LPC-100 their smallest to date.

The new Stealth ultra small form factor PC offers tremendous processing power in a tiny package that measures only 4.0" x 6.1" x 1.45" (102mm x 155mm x 37mm) or about the size of a paperback novel. The machine weighs in at a mere 1.2lbs or .62kg. The Stealth ultra small PC outperforms most other small sized PC systems due to the integration of the latest Intel® Core™ 2 Duo mobile processors. The LPC-100 is available with a standard Intel Dual Core Celeron T3100 (1.9GHz) or optional Intel Core 2 Duo processors P8400 (2.26Ghz) or T9400 (2.53Ghz). Stealth's space saving computer utilizes the Intel Mobile GM45 Express Chipset featuring Intel's graphic media accelerator with superior 3D graphics performance.

"The Stealth Model: LPC-100 offers more processing power per square inch than any of the small form factor computers we have built to date. This full featured machine utilizes the latest Intel core 2 duo mobile processor technology outperforming most of today's desktop and mobile PCs and it does so in a fraction of the space." stated Ed Boutilier, CEO of Inc.

The LPC-100 mini PC features a multitude of I/O connectivity built directly into its impressively small design such as; Gigabit LAN, 3-USB, 2-Serial, 1-DVI-I Video, Audio In/Out and 2-PS/2 ports. The LPC-100 supports up to 4GB of DDR3 memory and has a built-in 2.5" mobile hard drive with up to 500GB's of storage space for archived data. For applications that require extra high shock, vibration and wide temperature ranges an optional SSD (Solid State Hard Drive) is available. Systems are compatible with Microsoft Windows 7/XP, Linux etc and can be custom configured to meet the exact needs of the OEM or end user. Stealth's LittlePC products serve a demanding market where powerful solutions are being deployed in space-challenged applications around the world. Embedded Control, Digital Signs, Kiosks, Mobile Navigation, Thin-Clients, POS & Human/Machine Interface are just a few of the applications that are ideal for Stealth's industry trusted products.

About Stealth
Founded in 1990 Stealth.Com, is a leading manufacturer of specialized Computers and Peripherals. The company is ISO 9001 registered and continually develops innovative products designed to meet the exact needs of their clients. For two decades Stealth has provided thousands of proven reliable product solutions that have assisted clients with a myriad of applications. Our impressive customer base includes a wide range of customers from single man operations to Fortune 500 companies, Military installations and Governments worldwide. 


... This thing might preform better then my current build... Lol and it's alot smaller as well 😛. But what's the real pointing having this? Saving space? Casue I'm sure your not going to be carrying this around unless it comes with fold up monitors and keyboard/mouse...


what is the point of these tiny computers? They dont seem portable with out a monitor and cost to much for some one not to just buy a good desk top or laptop


It would be good for mounting in the dash of your car.


So basicaly the power of an E-Machine in the palm of your hand? Might be interesting for cars, like stated before...But 1K...dang:P

Just another thing they can break into the car for.

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I can think of a number of uses.

Car PC, Retail Kiosk(or any type of Kiosk for that matter), of HTPC. It's tiny and you could probably mount it to the back of a TV using VESA.


I've got an idea guys.....if anyone of you is rich enough, install one of these inside the back of a large screen LCD or plasma and have an integrated computer with your TV 😃 Or modify a VESA connector and mount on the back.


Add a touch screen and...Mr. LaForge, your tricorder is ready.

They didn't use Tricorders in engineering!


Maybee hand him a Hydrospanner!

Oh wait...sorry Han!

Or swallow it and call him DATA?
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With the Intel graphics chipset, I don't think this would be very good for the features you'd want connected to a large screen TV. You'd want something with better 3D (so you could use it for some gaming) and decoder/overlay capabilities.

I was thinking the same thing as lifeskills: this is probably plenty powerful for the kind of apps you'd want in a carputer.


well you have to have a car to make it use full as a "carputer". But i think i would much rather spend 1000 dollars on something else.