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Alright, I'm getting seriously bogged down in information on cpu's, chipsets and the like. I'm going to build a new system and want to be able to upgrade later along the lines of a Core I5 750 (& future offerings) or go AM3 and move up to a future quad core AMD.  I have some parts now, don't want to get into budget limits and am not a serious gamer.

I will be doing some video and audio editing but otherwise read alot online and play older games so I don't need to keep up with the latest.  I'm not interested in using more than 1 video card and currently don't OC.  I am a bit interested in AMD tweaking software & Dragon (and Spider) 'platforms' but have been leaning towards an i3 5XX or Athlon II X2 or X3.

Question: Does Dragon or Spider have to use a quad core Phenom?  Would anyone really give a squat about either if I can get an i3, put more $ into a card and bide my time for i5 prices to drop?  I don't know if this 'no northbridge' stuff is gonna be significant or not. Would it make more sense to get a multi-core Athlon, knowing more applications and games will be multi-threaded? I don't need to buy more cpu now than I can use, figure I'll upgrade later.

Finally, I hope to not make the mistake of buying a card that won't be able to offer very good performance at 1920x1080 with all the stops out.  At least for games that are not cutting edge. I believe any of the cpu's I'm thinking of will be able to handle that as long as the card is up to date.


Thanx in advance for any thoughts.


The 1156 has a nice upgrade path. You got the i5 750 and the i7 860. Also, it seems like in general, Intel processors have performed better in the video editing benchmarks than AMD has.


Not sure how long 1156 will last, but the AM3 sounds like it was last longer because AMD's 6-core processor is going to be compatible on the AM3 socket. Though it sounds like you are pretty content with a dual core and future quad core setup.


For the video card, I would probably suggest a 5770 or better depending on your budget and how old these games are that you play.

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A list of your current parts would help tremendously, as would a general budget. .

If you don't overclock yet, I advise you try it. Almost all chips can be pushed ~10% perfectly stable on their stock cooler, and with a ~40$ aftermarket cooler you can get a lot (~30%+) of extra performance for the cost of the cooler. However, with overclocking, nothing is set in stone, you may end up with a chip that can only go 8%, or one that goes to 60%+.

I would suggest either of AMD's current chipsets (890/790), they have similar features, 890 has Sata-3 (which helps future proofing), but is more expensive. When looking at motherboards Firewire may be an important feature for you depending on your video equipment.

I would recommend NO LESS than 4GB of DDR-3 ram, and for video editing, 6 or more isn't out of the question depending on the type of editing you do.

As for the video card, 1920x1080 in older games could generally handled well by a 5770, but it could fall short for video editing. A 5830 is better and isn't much more expensive, while a 5850 is an awesome card (especially with overclocking) for a good price.

You certainly don't have to follow a prebuilt setup like Dragon or Spider. While an I3 or even medium-end I5 won't handle video editing very well.

Super Dave

Welcome to HotHardware, Mac29. I agree with sp12! Since you are talking Core i5 and Core i3 it seems to me that you are searching for the best bang-for-the-buck. It's hard to beat AMD in the kind of price range that you're looking at. Take a look at THIS recent post. Those kind of offers don't happen everyday, but you would be hard-pressed to find a comparable Intel offering for that kind of price. 


Consider ASUS Rampage 4 Formula (AM3).


I just upgraded to the AMD Leo platform.  I use it mainly for web and video editing, but do a lot of gaming, movie watching, and internet too.  My system consists of AMD Phenom II 1090T ($300) MSI 890FXA-GD70($200) and a ATI Radeon 5850($300)

This is a solid platform for 800, But I have also used an ATI Radeon 5750 ($125) in the same system with great results.

If you don't need multiple GPU, the 890FX might be a little overkill, but you can get the 890GX board for $130

I have been very happy with my setup.  Only had for about two months, but is very quick, and the only thing I ever have to wait for is my HDD to load




Good for you.


thanks, went out on a limb and bought the 1090T on opening day[*-)]

Frys ended up only having the Crosshair that day, so had to wait a week for my MSI.  


I think what dlim783 meant was 

consider ASUS Crosshair IV formula....