:P rapid that's if they have the money to put it in [;)] lol

Marius Malek

Oh yes, this system has so much potential. I'd trick it out with bling. 

/tries and fails at being hip


Thats true Inspector, but the option is there is what I am saying. There is also the fact that generally Intel releases there top of the line unit first. This I am sure will happen with the 6 core just like any other. A little bit after that release they drop the rest of the line, then a few months after that they update generally on the new line say 6 to 9 months. So by default with a 1366 chip socket you have a year clear for upgrades at the least. If the 1366 chip socket last's anywhere near the time of the 747 socket you have many years. I don't know right now though, as technology is moving so fast, and Intel is on the front line of that movement in many ways, so it may not. Either way I don't see it being fully replaced for 2 to 3 years probably, because as a socket, it is very efficient with tri-channel memory, added PCI-X bus etc. I do think it will be upgraded on the same socket before to long to further widen or make more efficient that memory bus, and of course the addition of USB and SATA 3 is going on right now as well. I imagine intel will upgrade the socket and make those two specific components more in place added to there bus capabilities or at least operational figures and methods.

Which basically leaves you overall with an awesome system that can be upgraded for some time, and in anyone's outlook will give you an awesome system ready for the next course if you get my drift. Not to mention the secondary CPU's will be hundreds cheaper than the top of the line. Think about the current one and the I7 920, the top of the line for first release is still 999 until the 6 core is released, where the I7 920 is 289. Even if your strapped you can save 20 a month for a year and get the upgrade, while everything else (which are all solid components), can just stay the same. So basically financially strapped or not you win an awesome system for a year to two years for free, which can also by default stay top of the line with a very low cash flow.


Cyber Power has really taken it to the next level. It is a better value than some other high-end builders!


This would be nice to have, I would trade winning that for the new intel 6 core processor, and 2 new ATI video cards for crossfire! It would still be nice to have this rig.


Yup Marius put accentuate the case in Gold and cubic Zirconium chunks after refinishing the case in a deep silver metallic like platinum color, change all the lights to the brightest yellow you can and paint "My lil Pimp Rig" in a very small scale rotating lines around it.


Welcome Larry and A750! Only 2 More days to announcement! im losing sleep right now O.o lol


This is when things start to get a little crazy on the forums.

I love the anticipation. [:D]

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Interestingly, I was looking at specs for a theoretical new system (but for when prices drop.... a lot), and these are the exact: MB, Ram, CPU, video card, and SSD I was looking at.


Welcome sp12!


There's just one more day... TODAY! till winner is announced tomorrow! :)


Good luck everyone, and welcome new members. Were glad to have you! Someone is gonna get a very nice surprise with this system.


tanka12345 wrote:

Another great giveaway Marco and Dave! The only thing I hope is that the winner sticks around like Gibbersome :D


Dng guys Im sure missing a lot around here contest, the forums everything. Looks like Marco and Dave have been at it again another great contest nice rig. Sorry guys I havent been on in a while and Im sure missing being in on everything. Looks like I,ve missed about 3,665 post according to my email I really hate that . Ive been in a little battle with my heart here lately just giving me some problems and as of yet doctors not sure what problem is but  hopefully find out soon. Just gets me real tired and I dont get out too much and havent been close to an internet connection. LOL not very good for the nerves either but still breathing so far hopefully get back online with you guys soon good luck to w[censored]ver the new winner is going to be and I,ll try to get back online soon take care  Tanka, Mental. Marco Dave, BOB , nelson  all you guys!!!


Hope you get well soon AMD! It must sure be difficult for you having health problems let alone no internet. [:(]

I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to but I hope I can be more active like many others.

And good luck to the winner, I hope the new HH rig treats you well. [:D]


TODAY IS THE DAY! Umm... that we at least pick a winner. 😉 At least....


Very cool! Good luck everyone.