AMD Bulldozer: The fightback begins in 2011


Intel Tick Tock slows down: Sandy Bridge slips into 2011?


I've been reading the above articles and 2010 might finally be the year that AMD breaks through. Some highlights:

AMD's Bulldozer will be a revolution, not merely evolution of the old AMD64 architecture.

"Bulldozer is unlikely to be the fastest CPU you can buy when it

arrives. What it very probably will do, however, is lift AMD out of its

current budget niche and allow it to take on Intel in the meaty,

lucrative market for midrange performance CPUs."


of competition hurts the market - AMD's continuous delays of their

next-gen CPU architecture combined with Intel's ill-fated effort on

Larrabee resulted in a slowdown of the Tick-Tock cadence. By now, we

all know that AMD Bulldozer should only surface in 2011 - definitely no

2010 major core advances from them above the current cores seen in

Phenom and Opteron spread available now."


To me, it seems that Intel

and AMD are more concerned about securing the server market than home

users. You don't make money sell sub $250 CPUs to home users. You make

money selling Opterons and Xeons.


The only thing that I can say is that we'll see what happens.  I still don't think AMD will be much of a threat this year.  I mean sure they'll have a new chip, but again, like I said in a different thread, the two companies are hard to compare because they gauge performance differently.  Clearly from the article, AMD will still be lacking in their release.  The only thing they may have is a lower price, but again they still don't have much ground on Intel because the AMD chips will probably still run you near $190 if that is the realm of performance that they are talking about.  In which case Intel is still the better deal.


I'm more clear about Intel's roadmap for 2010, and they are rumored to release two high-end CPUs by this year.

990X coming out at Q4 with a increase clock speeds of the 980X. Also i7 970 non-EE with unlock multi. coming out around Q3.

Both on gulftown. and this is on the news for today. I can quote you the source if you demand.

Until 2011, SandyBridge will release and replace everything from skt1156.

On the other hand, I believe AMD Bulldozer is a native 8 core? maybe APU? let me know

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I don't think 2010 holds anything special. I'm waiting for 2011 when LGA2011 will be released. I'm excited about the possibility that there will be even less of a CPU bottleneck and the possibility of the GPU's flexing their muscles a little more at least that's what I heard. I'm also excited about all the improvments that this socket will bring, such as the northbridge finally being on Intel's CPU's.

What AMD is doing. I do not know but I hope it's equally as awesome as Intel's LGA2011, AMD is going to put up a fight here and there but Intel will be the victor as usual unless AMD can leapfrog them somehow either with a faster processor, or a more efficient processor.


They put a lot of money into Intel's Research Facility, Staff member, etc. Intel is still going to be AMD!


If AMD can't sell enough products to the retail, then they would end up with too much inventory which means they lose more money for nothing... Competition is what's killing the market right now.

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