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Wolfdale is Intel’s first 45nm based dual-core design, and is an interesting product beyond first glance. When it was first announced, there was a bit of doubt throughout the industry of the chip’s viability in the market. The doubt was that it would be foolish of Intel put major weight behind a dual-core processor architecture, as the future is clearly quad-core processors and beyond. More cores are always better, right? Why would Intel continue pushing dual-core models when quad-core models are getting more and more cost efficient?   That's a fair question...

Read on for
our evaluation of the Core 2 Duo E7200 processor from Intel.


Davo thats an very impressive OC.I had posted in the forums earliar this summer my summer project a build using a E8400 Wolfdale which came in around $249.00 at newegg which last check I think was $209.00. Everythng I read said the Wolfdales the E8400 and the 8500 were great Ocers.But the E7200 is about 70 to 80 dollars less and the numbers on your post are incredible.Making the price to performance ratio a great buy.Course the Summer rig I posted was I guess my Dream Rig at the time and still a little out of my reach still but you know how that is you always want faster and better.Considering what Im running anythings faster and Im looking forward to my upgrade.I might have missed it but what MB were you using? Either way thats a great performer and a great review just makes me drool till my upgrade!![Y][Y]

Crisis Causer

Even overclocked to 3.5ghz, it often loses to a stock E8400.  You can definitely see why it costs cheaper.  But, it's got quite the kick for price, especially considering the OC abilities.  Quite the powerful CPU for only $130.


Thats true its more of a budget thing with me.Of course if money wasnt an issue then we all would have the fastest and then it would be like Nascar around here even the playing field and we all would be butting heads to see who would come out on top depernding on skill, knowlege of OCing and then some luck! Which that would be some real fun matter of fact a whole lot of fun.Course I,ve been out of it awhile so you guys would oast my a___, thats ok to still be fun seeing who would Flamebroil their Rig first.LOL


Cheap but nogo on gaming [:(]
WHAT?!?!?! NO hardware virtualization support? It was looking really good until you said that lol. But anyways. It is a good mainstreem processor and I think a lot of retailers will start selling it in there systems. Its a good cheep performer.

=O wow the wolfdales overclocking is a amazing e7200 @ 5ghz seems crazy.

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So that poeple can get accurate numbers in power consumption you guys need to test the cpu on its own in idle and under load ,not the hole system

how do we know what wattage numbers it does in idle mode if its mesured mixed in a system on the graphs?, comon guys!

 measure them on their own!