I was planning to buy a laptop, but I was wondering whether I should wait for the quad-core CPU's to come out on them...Predictions for when quad cores for laptops will come out, guys?
Der Meister
in a few months or so but they will be not made just for laptops.
I'm guessing 2h'08.
Quad Cores for Laptop?ha-ha-ha!Guys,think about it: a "today" laptop with even single core cpu,has very high tempatures,what tempatures effects a quad-core cpu will have?My opininion:when quad core laptop went on sale,the dual core laptop will be on lower-than the current price-prices, buy a dual core!!!

I don't think that intel solves the tempature problems on quad-cores!!!


Tbh there is not real need for laptops to carry quads, i mean i can understand low/high end duals for office and gaming etc but i think putting a hefty quad in a laptop will only atract a world of heat and uneccesary power for a couple of hundred ton added. One day though...one day 


I'm not saying to buy from this company. It isn't the notebook specific quad-core you are looking for, but just to show that a company has stuck a quad-core in a notebook already.



My friend bought a laptop from this company because his friend works there. I don't remember if the one he bought has a quad-core in it. But the only reason I know of a quad-core notebook is because of him (whether he bought one or told me that he was thinking about upgrading to the quad-core). 


 Intel is planning on releasing a quad core for notebooks sometimes this year. More info can be found in this article.


Laggerzero wrote:

 Intel is planning on releasing a quad core for notebooks sometimes this year. More info can be found in this article.


Interesting. I hope Intel changes something or else they are going to run into some heat problems. 


 My dad's Centrino Duo runs wayy too hot. Liek other have said Quad Core would be overkill.


 An article over at Tom's Hardware says "It should not come as a surprise that Intel will take advantage of the

fact that it is the only company that is offering mobile quad-core

processors at this time, but we are sure that the premium charged for

these processors will not only put these systems out of reach for many

consumers, it may large enough to even make deep-pocketed enthusiasts

think twice."


Its coming but expensive, no surprise there!


 ugh wuad cores have been on laptops for over a year now?...... well gaming laptops at least... but battery life is an issue.