I have just read custom pc and amd and found out that the Athlon will be ditched soon along with the Am2 motherboard after they got pissed of with intel they have now bought out the quad core series
witch will run like a dream with the ati witch amd have recently taken over

lets hope amd and ati start shwoign there horse power but to be fair amd have not had alot of time to focus on there cpu after taking over the big vendor ati. but hopefully soon this will all change.

AMD expects true quad-core and dual-core AMD Phenom-based desktop systems will ship in the second half of 2007.

had to read that about 3 times in order to fully understand what you posted.  (Please invest in some type of spell/grammar check)  Anyway, i can assure you that AMD will not be ditching there AM2 boards/cpus anytime soon because if they did then they wouldn't have anything to sell.....