so I have a intel core 2 duo 1.86Ghz e6320 with a abit fatal1ty fp-in9 sli motherboard. I overclocked my cup to 1.91Ghz but when I try to push it further it becomes unstable. am I to understand that a e6320 can only be overclocked to 1.91Ghz?

my other specs:
500w antec
1 gb samsung ram (2x512)
windows vista home premium
Der Meister
do you have the stock cooler on it? and did you increase the voltage or did you stick with the stock voltage?
nope I have a after market cooler and I sticked with the stock voltages
Sounds like there are for sure some settings in your BIOS that need to be adjusted for sure -- I am not at all familiar with your particular mobo (never used it) but if you had a dig camera perhaps take a few pictures of your BIOS so we could guide you in which features to disable/enable for a better overclock.

I have a E6320 and I have it safely overclocked to 3.2Ghz for everyday use -- I got it up to 3.7Ghz safely.

ok heres a pic of the main menu of my bios and my softmenu menu, should I upload more?
Der Meister
can you post one of the voltage page as well?
I would start by taking all your voltages off Auto and setting them to the specified voltage (which is obviously dependant on your specific hardware) -- RAM you would have to check, CPU to 1.35-1.4 (for now), CPU VTT to 1.3-1.35, NB to 1.3-1.35 (lower end for casual overclocking).

Also (I think the 650i can do it too) change your CPU operating speed to unlinked and for now manually set your RAM to the stock speeds and slowly up your CPU speed (start at 1100 for now and increase by 50mhz until your comp will not boot properly)

Last, if possible would you take a snapshot of your advanced chipset features and advanced BIOS features -- as a lot of time many of them WILL hamper your overclocking ability
advanced chipset features
advanced bios
k, thanks
Ok so I followed your instructions and upped my voltages. My current voltages are cpu-1.40v cpu vtt-1.35v nb-1.31v. At this point the highest I could go was wth a FBS of 1120, I tried 1125 but I was unable to boot into windows. I really want to get to at least 2.1ghz, 2.8ghz would be the sweet spot for me but I'd be happy with 2.1 ghz. Its really just as long as I get over 2.0 ghz. Well I trued again today and I already got it to 2.02 .
Ok so I got it up to 2.1 ghz today and my score raised from a 4.8 to 5.0. woohoo!! thanks all for helping
Hmm, did you set all your voltages manually? None are no longer AUTO? Did you set your "CPU Operating Speed" to UN-Linked?

Under your advanced chipset features go to your memory timings and set them manually as well.......

I am not quite understanding what we're missing here as you SHOULD be able to go to 3.0Ghz pretty easy......
nah thats ok, Im happy with it a 2.1ghz. I suppose I could push it as far as 3 ghz but for now its prefect. thanks!