When you look at all the expensive hardware you put in your computer an often overlooked aspect is the keyboard/mouse. This is, for the majority of users, the only 2 components you actually provide your input and command through. Therefore it is with a heavy heart that I commend one half of that duo to the rubbish bin of broken parts after 3 faithful years of service.

I honestly can't say enough good things about my Logitech MX700. 3 years of daily use (often 10+ hours), 6 intercontinental flights, and it NEVER once let me down. I'll be looking into a new mouse soon, and I'm eager to see the advances in mousing that have come through since my last purchase, but I honestly think it will be hard to find a mouse with better tactile feel, weight, excellent scanning, and battery life.

Farewall mousy! You did me proud!

If anyone has suggestions on a better mouse, please let me know. Also, if there is a piece of hardware that is near and dear to you (pls no tales of hard drives with multiple GBS of pr0n lost) feel free to share your sob story with whatever hardware resolution and how it worked out for you.
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The MX1000 is an awsome mouse, and by far the most comfortable one for my hand that i have used in many years. The MS mice were ok, but after a while my hand would get cramps, then the smooth scrolling sucked for my games. I have used my MX 1000 for over a year now and it really is a great mouse. Batt life is good, get about a weeks useage, with alot of it being gaming. I would say i get around 40 hours of mixed usage before it needs to be recharged. Recharging is fast, doesnt take long, like an hour. The initial charge and your first few can take almost 3 hours to do, but you can still game with the batt level in red and not miss a beat. Laser precision is awsome, and i enjoy the 8 buttons it has, the 3 on the side get used alot.

The only downside to this mouse is that it is kinda hard to find online, but local stores should still have them, like best buy and so forth. The MX revoulution is the successor to the mx 1000 and it is another good mouse, but i havent personally used it so i cant say much.

From my dealings with logitech customer support, it may be worth while to give them a call and see if they have any mx 700s, and if your mouse died due to a defect or known issue, you might get another mouse, but that would a long shot due to the fact that it is borderline on its ending period of warranty.
It is always a bummer when your best pointing device dies.

I had one of the original MS intelepoint optical explorer ones, grey and black, sloped for the right hander. The one before they made the usable for both hands. Still the ebst mouse I've ever had, used to take it to work every day to use then bring it back home again.

I've since picked up a Logitech MX510 corded option gaming mouse (it has since become the MX518). I did try the MX1000, but I have a preference for corded mice rather than IR etc. Not quite as good as my old MS one, but it does a fine job.,en 
I too have an MX500 series mouse the MX518 -- It is a little more bulky than other mice are but it still fits my hand very well. Also the 8 buttons come in handy for gaming (namely 1st/3rd shooters). My favorite is the 1600DPI -- its really nice, 3000DPI your mouse just flies all over the place so I feel like 1600 is about perfect, again when gaming. Plus you can down the DPI for casual browsing and etc with just the click of a button. If you are into wireless then you might not like it but what can i say, my favorite mouse so far that i've experienced

I have also heard really nice things about the MX revolution.....
I have to throw my vote in for the Logitech G7 wireless. I've had this thing since Christmas and it just doesn't disappoint. I forget it's cordless since it just works all the time. It comes with two batteries and a USB charger and changing batteries on the fly is a cinch. It feels great, even when gaming for hours on end and adjusting the DPI can be done easily, even in game by simply pressing a +/- button below the wheel mouse. Strongly recommended.
I know exactly what you mean SilentSpectre. It's perplexing how people neglect their input and output devices and tend to just focus on whats inside their case. Personally, from a financial perspective I think your peripherals should roughly equal the cost of your system. I don't understand people who have $2,000 gaming rigs but use a $5 set of cheap-o dirt encrusted keyboard+mouse and a decade old 15" CRT.

I was an early adopter of the MX series. I've owned 3 MX500s. Two are still operational, the third one (my second) was KIA when my dad s[censored]ed soup on it. I still remember it like it was yesturday.

I'm a huge fan of the Logitech MX form factor. I've since retired the two MX500s and they now reside with my parents. I currently own a red MX510 that I use with my laptop and two G5s, one of which is a limited edition Star Wars model. Oddly, the limited edition Star Wars model has absolutely no Star Wars branding and it just looks like a grey G5 with blue LEDs, rather than the standard rust + red LEDs. I've tried all sorts of alternatives and I even own a Razer Diamondback (the original model with the chameleon paint), which BTW I think is a great mouse, but nothing compares to the MX form factor. I just love the shape and layout. Naturally, I'm also a fan of the newer G series since it keeps the same basic shape, but I mourn the loss of the "up" thumb button, which forces me to actually click something in order to go "forward" in firefox. I also liked the scroll wheel on the MX500/510/518 better than the one on the G series. It was smoother and less obtrusive.

Logitech's new Logitech Revolution and MX610 mice also look pretty neat. I've tried both out in-store and they seemed OK but for now I'm content with my G5s. The G3 is a huge flop in my book. Its like some kind of failed attempt at competing with Razer. It might be compelling if it didn't cost so much, but it costs about as much as a G5 or a Diamondback. I also briefly owned the Logitech MX5000 bluetooth desktop. Logitech bluetooth drivers are absolute junk and the MX5000 has TONs of problems. The mouse is basically just a bluetooth version of the MX1000. I didn't like the mouse too much, a bit too heavy and wide.

Logitech has this image up on their website for the G5. That looks pretty sweet and it just might be my next mouse if I can find one.

As for my preference of key input device, I'm a huge fan of the IBM Model M, AKA the Battleship. It's the only keyboard that you could improvise into a club to defend yourself from a marauding bear at a moments notice. You know, when your sitting at your gaming rig while camping in the woods....

I own two battleships, both of original IBM manufacture and considering their pedegree, I'll probably still be using them until we do away with keyboards altogether. I'm relatively certain that we will NEVER see another keyboard of the Model M's quality, simply because it was designed at the height of text-based interfaces when mice were novalty items. IMO, it is the best that keyboard technology has to offer.

I also have a Logitech PS2 USB Keyboard that I am very fond of. It's designed for use with a PS2 but it uses a standard USB plug and it works fine with a computer. Its a very thin and small keyboard with laptop keys and no keypad. Like all laptop keyboards, its absolute junk to type on, but I find it very good for gaming since its takes up minimal desktop real estate so I can fit my MASSIVE gaming mousepad, which is actually BIGGER than the keyboard. I dream of one day replacing it with an extremely rare Model M Space Saver.

I've tried a bunch of other keyboards including the Logitech G15, MX5000 and Razer Tarantula. I didn't think any of them were worth their price tags. The LCD screens on the G15 and the MX5000 are 90% gimmick IMO. You almost never look at them, and why should you need to? I'm also not too impressed by keyboards that light up since I don't look at my keyboard when I'm using it anyway. I thought this was a pretty cool idea and I like the Model M look, but it's pretty pricey and I hear the key-action is no where near as good as a real Model M. It has, however, inspired me to look into how I can paint or dye one of my Model Ms completely black.
I have to agree with the above comment about not knowing the mouse was unwired. My MX700 was the exact same way *sniff*. I spent a few free hours I didn't plan on having today (thank you for work being shut down by the po-po) down at the computer store. Even a brief time spent with some of the MS optical mice showed that they were lacking. Some of the newer logitech mice like the G7 were amazing.

I couldn't buy anything because I'm already going to have to smooth talk my wife tonight about how one of my main sources of income closing down isn't so bad..