hello everyone,

i have a pc with 865 chip set board with onboard graphics
Intel Pentium 4 2.4 ghz
1gb ddr ram
80 gb hdd
windows vista ultimate

so coming to my issue while encoding xvid/divx videos cpu utilization is always 98-100% which should not ideally happen....and the computer shuts down during half the process ....tell me what can i do...i used the thermal paste as well replaced the smps infront of the cpu heat sink to a new position to allow cpu to breathe more but still no results...what can i do to sole this problem..this has never happened before..

2nd question i am planning to upgrade to intel pentium 4 extreme edition cpu for socket 478 the fastest available for skt 478 and faster than core2 duo entry level line shud i do it...and i can only do it if i find one...can anybody sell me of where can i get it from...i could not find it anywhere as it is very rare
Hmmm what are the normal temps? probably the Sensor is giving you issues, reset the CMOS (it is a issued that one of the computers at work had) and is well known in DELL's Optiplex (p4 2.4g) but hopefully this will help. If not keep us posted