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My current setup is:

Pentium 4 3.0 ghz
Abit IC7-G mobo
1 gig 3200ll corsair memory (400)
evga 7600 GS video card (APG)

I am looking to upgrade and have serious improvements in gaming and general computer use. I've been trying to read up some on dual cores, but I think I need help choosing the best for me. I don't want to spend a fortune, hopefully
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i get this motherboard. it can support both pci express and agp, which is a plus. and i'm pretty sure you don't need to get new ram, as it supports both ddr 400 and ddr2 533. on top of that, this mobo is only $60. however, the only thing is i'm not sure how reliable it is, although it looks to be not bad.

from there, you can basically spend as much money you want to on your processor.
Super Dave
I built an inexpensive ASROCK motherboard-equipped rig for my neighbor and it has been very reliable. I believe Sam is giving you good advice.
As an amd guy i know i dont belong in this part of the site but to be [censored]nst amd have jsut taken over ati and havent had a chance to put tiem and money inot tthere cpu and gpu gear yet give them a chance and atch as they take the lead they had a slow start but lads they will get better
They've owned ATI for at least 6 months if not nearer a year.

Don't resurrect old threads, and all your posts seem to be pointless atm and highly biased to AMD.
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