Ok, so I am trying to keep up with whats a good mobo and what isn't atm.

I know the following are good atm for intel:

Gigabyte DS3 (dunno if the DS3P keeps that up).
eVGA 680i board.
Asus P5W DH Wifi.

However just wondering wat else you guys have spotted in reviews/used on Intel and AMD platforms that are good.

Trying to stay up to date here but the damn chipsets are getting confusing now.
My GA-965P-DS3 will be arriving today, along with my E6420 and 2x1GB Crucial Ballistix PC6400 memory.

I did a lot of reading around and asking questions and found that the DS3 fit my needs best for the least amount of money. I didnt go with 650i/680i because I didnt need all the extra stuff like SLI..so I figured I would save money.

After I get it up and going, Ill post back my results.
you better put that c2d to fold and congratulation dont forget to posted some jpges or your setup