Thunder Chunks
I always believed that the FSB/DRAM ratio should have been 1:1 for stable pre-overclocked results. However when I ran CPU-Z recently my ratio under memory is 2:3 (without an OC). My timings were also 5-5-5-18 whereas I know it should be 4-4-4- etc.

My Memory frequency is 400mhz as standard (ddr2 800).

My FSB is currently running at 266.7Mhz. Should I look at lowering my Memory frequencey to 266.7 mhz to achieve a 1:1 ratio prior to O'cing? In theory my memory would then be fine up to the 400mhz point and a bit beyond.

My obvious concern is that when I start tweaking/ raising my FSB to achieve an oc my DRAM ratio goes through the roof and is likely to become both unstable and hot at the current ratio.

Blimey Im confused.
Der Meister
its not that you need it, it just makes it easier to OC. it would be nice the have a 1:1 ratio but its often hard to get and expensive.
Thunder Chunks
Cheers Der Meister, I actually managed to get a 1:1 ratio and yes it has made a difference with the oc'ing.

Der Meister
nice... i did said it would make it easy...
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