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I have been struggling recently on why my machine is running so slow. I used several programs to benchmark it and they pretty much all say the processor is running equivilent to an AMD Thunderbird 900mhz!! FreshDiagnose reports my CPU running at:

DhryStone ALU - 2582 MDIPS
WhetStone FPU - 653 MWIPS
Speed - 3198 MHz

My CPU averages about 67C. Can anyone give me some tips on why this might be happening? I have tried many bios settings, etc. and am about to pull my hair out.

P4 Prescott 3.2ghz - temperature 67C
ASUS p4C800E-Deluxe Motherboard with onboard RAID enabled
1 gig DDR-400 ram
Older intel systems were not NEARLY as efficient in processes per cycle as AMD was....this meaning that a 1 Ghz AMD-based cpu could very-well outperform a 2Ghz intel-based P4 -- just food for though.

Anyway, can you describe what is actually slow on your system? Like, all the time or only when gaming or....

Also, when is the last time you did a scan for spyware and/or viruses (as they are the cause for 95% of slowdowns IMO) If you have programs to do such scans, make sure they are up-to-date for their definitions and do full system scan.....
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