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If there is anything i am missing plz let me know.. I also have a case picked out, full tower.. so no need to worry bout that but.. here it is..

Any MORE help you can give would be great THANKS
nice choice in cpu, and psu. While the motherboard is certainly nice, I think it's way too expensive and I think you should take a look at 965 based chipsets. There are actually two revisions of that msi board and the original (with the same part number) won't run core cpus

For my rigs based on the core cpus, I'm using the same cpu to start with but using gigbyte's S3 for the workstations and the DS3 for a small server (DS-3 has better raid capabilities).

both of these mobos are able to run kentsfield after a bios flash.

Edit: I'm going to revise this opinion slightly...I think that it might be a good idea to wait about 2 weeks and see the new nVidia boards. The ability to upgrade to a next gen intel cpu might be part of the deal.
Thunder Chunks
I agree with Sam and SS on the mobo front. Im using the DS4 so Im a bit biased, however even though I initialy had a few stability issues, the latest audio (!?!) and bios update have put paid to that. I know the DS4 is now also 'quad core' ready, ill check on the DS3 for you.

Go for 965 and the DS3 is certainly good qauality and value.

Edit: Thats a yes on the quad front
The only thing that is stopping me from getting a 965 based board (probably from gigabyte) today is the simple fact that intel is about to unlease core 2 duos w/a faster fsb (1333mhz) and that I might get left out of an upgrade cycle as early as next year. But if I wait for the nvidia 600 series chipsets, there's an off chance I might be able to upgrade all the way to the next gen quad core from intel, but I'll be able to run 1333mhz conroes and kentsfields w/o probs for sure.
2006-11-28T23:19:03Z  they have the same specs w/ heat spreaders but much cheaper

Check out this mobo... I use it with my e6600 and it's great. Bios fine and updates perfectly. Plus it has a great sound card with optical audio

Maybe with the little bit of money you save on the ram and mobo, you could go for the e6700. GOOD LUCK!
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