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For some reason 1 of my rigs reset to 0/400 on one of the WUs after it was > done 😞

Heres the extract from log :

[00:13:17] Hashes matched on file work/wudata_02.dyn
[00:13:52] Header on frame 345 differs from expected header
[00:13:52] Got: 1002A1-3005F-3ED2B577-337571B2: 0345
[00:13:52] Expected: 1002A1-3005F-3ED2B577-337571B2: 0344
[00:13:53] Starting from initial work packet

Damn !

Anyone else had simular "bugs" ?
It completed when it re-started, so there couldn't have been anything wrong with the data file ( it used the same one )
How long does it take to get a WU?
It all depends but around 12 hours on average.

By the way Bothware, right click the folding in the task bar, and click Status, Queue Info, it might still be saved in there so you can upload it later.
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nope .. it redone it, and then succesfully submitted .. thats why I'm wondering how the error occured .. surely the error isn't actually there if it can sucesfulyy process it once ?

WUs on average take more than 12hours ... but they are very dependant on CPU type & speed .. Stanford benchmark them on Celeron 500MHz rigs .... full details of how credits relate to CPU are on the official site .... WU sizes can vary vastly .. some are worth 9 credits when others are worth 53.3 credits ... the latter will take 6 times longer to process, stillcounts as 1 WU, but you get that times more more points anyway.