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I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area, and I'm looking for some used pc parts (that still work of curse) to build 4 computer. The reason I'm building 4 computer is because I need a new computer, and 3 of my family members need new computers. Every time I go home to visit my family I am always asked to fix something on there computers. 95% of the time they tell me there computers are running slow, and I do my best to get them working a bit faster, but I can only do so much. All of there computers are 9+ years old and they just don't want to buy new computers, so I am taking it upon myself to get them something more up to date.

I have no real Ideas on what I want for each build my plan is to see what is offered, and to go from there. Thank you

Also if you know of anywhere in the Pittsburgh area that I can get used/cheap PC parts let my know.

When it comes to the CPU try FX or lower ryzen line. Eve the new ryzen 3 ain't that expensive. They been contierfiting alot of CPUs so I rather buy new for those at a cheap price. But if got FX line the boards are cheap newand there plenty of Ddr 3 ram on eBay used ECT that still lifeime warrantied .