Yeah; I installed it (10) to my older gateway FX laptop, it is still good good a laptop with top end at the time Nvidia gpu 8GB ram top of the line N wifi etc. So it should run fine but it could not find the video drivers and was making me a 1280x760 display depth which on a 17" display is kind of annoying. I did finally get it resolved by jumping back to an XP driver (the only compatible one it could find), and I will mess around with it this week when I get time. Either way I did like the way it worked with me from what I saw being in the middle of a hardware issue from the first minute. I was kind of wondering why in the heck I had to go back like 4 generations to find a XP default performance driver for it to work as it would seem having at least decent default video drivers would be a first step concept as you cannot do a lot on a computer without a visual interface.


You do know that 10TP right now is just Windows 8 with undocked apps (pointless because apps are meant to be fullscreened, and in TP using them fullscreen causes apps to crash and corrupt) and a useless start menu right?

Under the hood, it's just Windows 8.1, and when you disable the start menu it's identical in form and function!