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It looks like Microsoft is really hoping to entice people over to Windows 10 considering that Windows 8 has failed to take off. With its latest announcement that DirectX 12 will be included with Windows 10, Microsoft is targeting game developers and gamers.

On its DirectX developer blog, Microsoft revealed additional incentives for game developers who would join its Windows Insider program. Those who sign up and are accepted, will receive everything they might need to help jumpstart their DirectX 12 development. This includes updated runtime, API headers, samples, drivers, and documentations.

Microsoft also revealed that it has worked with Epic Games so that Unreal Engine 4.4 will support DX12. The collaboration has led to the creation of a DX12 branch on UE4’s GitHub repository that will support UE 4.4. Those who subscribe to Unreal Engine 4 will receive, and are part of Microsoft’s Early Access program, will receive source access for the DX 12 port of UE 4.4.

Similar to AMD’s own Mantle API, DX12 will give developers further access into hardware to help improve performance.

Are you looking forward to DirectX 12 and Windows 10? Or are you rooting for AMD’s Mantle to make more headway?


I'm hoping they do more to appeal to the High End Users. Lately Microsoft only seems to care about Windows running on Middle to Lower End Hardware. Those of us who Game on the High End (ie. SLI/CF), usually aren't concerned about efficiency and power saving features.

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I still want to know what happened to windows 9?! There is already SO little changed in windows "10" that really MS could have called it Windows 8.5 which is really what it is but they are trying to get away from the name "8" but did they really have to jump to "10"? Was 9 just too close visually to the number they want to forget? So weird.


Windows 10 is shaping up to be a nice OS from everything I've seen so far. I'm also not surprised that DX12 is a part of Win10, that's traditionally what's happened with newer DX versions. I'm also really glad that DX12 will work on Nvidia cards going back to the 400 series. I have a 770, so not having to buy a new video card to take advantage of DX12 is nice. If the rumors prove to be true about the pricing model for Win10, this might turn out to be one of the most popular Windows OS releases in a long time.

I wonder how much of the changes in direction have been because Microsoft's new CEO was an engineer and not just a salesman.


Any improvements are good more efficiency is the key, think mobile devices being able to run better graphics at lower power.


Window 10 was simply a naming strategy nothing more, they wanted it to be inline with xbox one and one drive however as windows 1 had already been done they went with Windows 10. Its like a reboot like they did with xbox one.


I did try the preview and the changers are nice, as an OS I rather like windows 8 so I am looking forward to all the UI improvements and the integrations between all devices. Window 8 was a good first step regardless of what people think about the metro UI it was a good step for cross devices tablet,pc/laptop, phone OS.

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Rico; I think that sucks though. Not only did the name "10" not remind me of the Xbox One or OneDrive in any way shape or form, but I really feel like MS is ripping us off in some way lol. I own windows 8.1 on my macbook Air that I purchased legally. I am really happy for the changes in windows "10" definitely but to call it a new OS is ridiculous it is windows 8.5 and nothing more!!!!!!! To call it windows 9 would have been an insult to updated OS's everywhere but to cal to 10 it is like saying the release number no lingers in any way shape or form that they could call the next one windows 27 and after that windows 63 and it wouldn't matter. What is next every time there is an update to adobe acrobat windows will change version numbers? just ridiculous.

If this is how MS is going to handle their OS for now on I would really prefer they call it just "Windows" and upgrade as we go along so that I, and we, don't have to get exciting or disappointed over just the changing of numbers at the end of the title "Windows".

BTW there is an article today on dailytech that is claiming the renaming to 10 is due to avoid "code bugs" lol. Like I said, should have gone with just Wnnows. 



Windows 10 is so you can compare it to OSX


Actually, efficiency/power savings means HIGHER PERFORMANCE!

It sounds backwards, but every GFLOP, every watt, every nanosecond latency they get rid of in the name of "efficiency" means that much more "performance" that can be s[censored]zed out of a system. When nvidia added their "adaptive power" mode to their drivers, it was in preparation to set up turbo-boost, where power and temperature were controlled by limiting system performance at a very small scale to improve relative performance.


Proud owner of three system with 8.1 (including a surface) and one 2012r2 server. UI was perfect for desktops and tablets, but did suffer some complications on laptops (trackpads are garbage for modern UI) and UI was not a good fit for servers (at least a management server with GUI, most run core only so no loss for most)

10 TP currently is very buggy due to the insistence on metro apps working like windows apps, despite being much better when split screened (8.1's split view is perfect except for the fact it splits only vertically)


You seem to be getting really bent out of shape about this. It's their product, they can call it anything they want. It isn't like they've been naming them all 1, 2, 3, 4, etc... they've named the versions all sorts of things. Sometimes after the year, sometimes just a name they liked. What does it really matter. Also, allegedly if you own 8.1, you will get a free upgrade to Win10. Are you going to not take the free upgrade because you're mad about the name?

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Johnny; of course im going to upgrade regardless of name and marketing. Doesn't mean the marketing isn't awefull 


OS fails at everything windows does


when is it come to Xbox One


Proud owner of six Systems, five with Win-7 on them, One with the Win-10 Technical Preview.

I have the Win-10 TP installed now, and I like that I can configure it the way I want to. If I can't "make it mine",....I don't want it.

I think that getting rid of Balmer really got the excess ego-wax buildup out of their ears, and ~maybe~ they're listening to their customer base again.

I could care less what they call it, (Windows Infinity) as long as it's configurable to my needs and desires. I hope that DX-12 brings a lot to the table.