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Update, 0915 - 4:30PM - Apple is now offering iTunes users the ability to remove U2's new album, Songs of Innocence, from their library. However, the company warns that once the album has been removed users will not be able to re-download it as a previous purchase. The company also aid that the album will remain free for everyone until October 13, 2014.

At this year’s Apple iPhone 6 event, there was another surprise for Apple users. During the event, U2 were introduced with the band’s singer and guitarist Bono. Along with Apple ceo Tim Cook, Bono announced that the band's latest album, Songs of Innocence, would be free for iTunes users. However, rather than letting users decide whether or not to download the free album, Apple simply added it to everyone's iTunes library.

The publicity stunt was touted as "the largest album release of all time" by Cook. While this is true considering that, according to Bloomberg, there are 800 million iTunes account, the manner in how this was accomplished has caused outrage from some users. Whether from the album taking up needed space to a person's dislike for U2, some comments have been disapproving.

After the announcement was made, the album was immediately added to everyone's library. This meant that for those who have their iPhones set to automatically download new purchases, it was downloaded to their devices. As for other users, the album is now in their library and marked as being "purchase.” So whether you are a fan of U2 or not, this means that people can look at your library and see that you “purchased” the album.

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Unfortunately, trying to remove the album from your library is not possible, which is another reason for some iTunes users to be upset. While you can delete the songs from your device, it will still be available and viewable to other people who look at your library. No matter what you do, there is no way to completely delete the album, it will always be available in your library. All you can do, if you don't like U2 or don't want people to know the album is in your library, is to just hide it from public view.

U2 made a great deal by getting Apple to push its album onto its users. However, Apple's method of forcing it on users, whether they want it or not, is the problem at hand. 

How do you feel about Apple adding Songs of Innocence to everyone's library?
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WHAT!? I never use iTunes so I would not have known about this for a while. It is so stupid of them to add it to everyones library! But what is even worse is you can't delete it!? WHY NOT!? I don't want to see it there either. This also means I can never for the rest of time use automatic Downloads as every time it will re-add this album to my phone. Apple, you are one unfriendly and unjust company to your customers.


"Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it."

- William Pitt the Elder, Earl of Chatham and British Prime Minister from 1766 to 1778.


I'm not sure if this is corruption, just a little over-zealous maybe. :)


I can understand the frustration and anger being directed at Apple. While I don't mind free stuff, I prefer to pick and choose what I want in my library. Just imagine if, instead of U2's album, it was an album from Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Miley Cyrus, or One Direction?

I'd flip out completely.

But now, what is to stop these artist from making the same deal with Apple?

This horrifies me.  


"Just imagine if, instead of U2's album, it was an album from Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Miley Cyrus, or One Direction?"

I have a slight feeling this would not happen with those bands. U2 is generic enough to be accepted by most people, whereas those others cater to a very specific niche (eg: a crap one). Either way, under no circumstance should a company force content on you. The fact that it's completely tied to your account after it's downloaded would actually drive me nuttier than the simple fact that it downloaded it once.


SeanDKnight that was the best post, love it.

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I went ahead and used the removal "tool" and removed the album separately from my account and my moms account.

When was the last decent U2 album anyway? U2 - Pop I believe which was when I was in the 9th grade so 1996 I think. It has all been a downhill crap slope ever since.


So you didn't ask for it and now you're ANGRY?

OK, so Apple invaded your precious digital storage space via a software platform they provided for free and dropped a free copy of a new album by some 50 year old dudes on you... “Holy Bitrate Batman! This could be the end of life as we know it in Gotham City”...

Look. I get that they did it without asking "permission" and that may have ticked off those who really believe their identity is somehow defined by what's in their iTunes library and I think they should have at very least provided a convenient delete option upfront for those who autodownload. However the Riddler say's “Riddle me this Batman, just how many of those who felt violated also have drives or other devices loaded with illegal song and movie files they downloaded, uploaded and shared without the artist or creators "permission" ? Very few of the cyberspace commentators seem to give a toss about that behaviour (which is so demoralising for artists and creators) or for that matter all the advertising they did not ask for! Perhaps all artists who have had their music ripped off without compensation or permission should start dumping packages of silent tracks that take up gigabytes rather than megabytes of storage in all your precious playlists out of protest! If you really feel your identity is somehow defined by what's in your iTunes library and one freebie (that everyone knows about) is going to spoil your street credibility, I suggest you go out and do something useful like clean up a local park or beach. But more importantly, while you're cleaning that sandy beach or grassy knoll and removing some of the mountains of disposable plastic crap we consume and throw out without a thought. I also strongly suggest, that if you one of the millions who have participated in illegal file sharing, then you also give some serious thought to how this reflects on your character and personal ethics! – Lord Of The Starfields


I have to admit, it freaked me out a little bit when I saw that U2 album in there because at first I thought my iTunes account had been hacked, which, now that I think about it, it actually was 🙂 But I happened to like U2, so it's all good in my 'hood (knock on wood).


Lord, personally, I think your commentary is off topic and off the mark. This isn't about file sharing or whatever. This is about having what some think is essentially "bloatware" on their new iPhone.

Now Apple can create a good experience and give users a choice. A nice touch would have been a "hey, download your free copy of U2's new album with this code!" voucher in the box with the device, but stuffing it on the phone is no better than when PC manufacturers load down laptops and other devices with trialware crap that nobody wants. Folks get vocal about that too, as they should. It's not a good user experience.


I think it's unresonable.