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#1 Posted : Friday, August 29, 2014 7:58:40 AM(UTC)

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Intel Unveils Haswell-E 8-Core Beast Of A Desktop CPU

Intel has officially launched their Core i7-5960X high-end, Haswell-E desktop processor today. Unlike Ivy Bridge-E, which maxed out at 6 cores (12 threads), Haswell-E is an 8-core beast of a machine (16 threads), featuring execution units based on Intel’s latest desktop microarchitecture. The Core i7-5960X has a base clock of 3GHz with Turbo Boost speed to 3.5GHz and will have up to 20MB of shared L3 cache. It also features an integrated quad-channel memory controller with official support for DDR4 memory at speeds up to 2133MHz, although higher speeds are possible through overclocking. Haswell-E based processors also feature up to 40 integrated lanes of PCI Express Gen 3.0 connectivity.

The chip has a 140W TDP, which is slightly higher than the 130W of Ivy Bridge-E based processors. Although it has the same number of pads (2011) as previous-gen Ivy Bridge-E processors, Haswell-E based processors will require new motherboards equipped with LGA 2011 v3 sockets and support for DDR4 memory. Cooler designs from the previous generation are compatible, however.
Intel Haswell-E Core i7-5960X
In general, the Core i7-5960X is faster overall than the previous-gen Ivy Bridge-E based 6-core Core i7-4960X. In single threaded tests, where the Core i7-5960X's additional cache and memory bandwidth aren't fully utilized, the 4960X's higher clocks usually push it ahead. In multi-threaded tests though, the 5960X's two additional cores make it significantly faster. Gaming was also much better on the 5960X.  Read on for our full review, here!
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#2 Posted : Friday, August 29, 2014 10:42:17 AM(UTC)
Mike Coyne

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Great review on new Intel i7 5960X. I am stay up to date on 22 nm processor technology (i already have my I7 4960X IVB-E also is 22 nm) . I was very impressed by read the review about new 8 core CPU from Intel. I knew there can be mixed reaults between I7 4960X and 5960X but 5960X is still new.

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#3 Posted : Friday, August 29, 2014 7:03:34 PM(UTC)

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Maybe a proofreader would be beneficial. "But because its clocks aren’t quite as high at the Core i7-4960X" as high AT? "extreme processor like this on." ON? "It is still an extremely impressive powerhouse of a processors" -- processors? really? wow. Maybe go back and get your GED you loser.

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#4 Posted : Saturday, August 30, 2014 7:58:41 AM(UTC)

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Nice thorough review guys. I'm a novice at best when it comes to detail like this, but I was confused by two things:

First you mentioned needing some pretty heavy liquid cooling to get any OC speeds above 3.5, but then explained you got your tests to 3.6mhz with only air (albeit throttled and running very hot). I'm assuming that's just to test limits and not something anyone would want to do continually?

Second, I get confused when I see "Supports 4 channels of DDR4-21330 memory". Is that referring to the LOWEST frequency supported?  We'll see support for over DDR4 3300Mhz right?

(one more typo on p6 (quad-channel DD44-based memory kits). Not a huge deal. So much hate above : /

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#5 Posted : Sunday, August 31, 2014 12:43:25 PM(UTC)
Marco C

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@bsdect - There are video encoding tests in both of the PCM suites.

Also: "there are going to be times where its additional compute resources are under-utilized and higher-clocked processors will be faster."

"On some levels though, it feels as if Intel hasn’t—or wasn’t able too—push the boundaries too much further."

"It’s just not the absolute beast it could have been"

Intel pays people to point out shortcomings now? Seems like a good strategy.

@BrianSmith - Kudos to you for finding a handful of typos in a 6500 word, self-published piece at an independent publication. Let me return the favor. Here are yours: You forgot the question mark after the first sentence. You didn't capitalize the “R” in really or the “W” in wow. You forgot the comma before “loser” and again failed to end the last sentence with a question mark. Getting a GED is a good idea, though. Just tell me where you got yours so I can steer clear. They obviously didn't do that great of a job.

@alshep123 - I think you got the numbers a little mixed up. We could get into Windows at 4.6GHz, but the CPU would overheat quickly at that speed, hence the mention that you’d need powerful cooling. We had to bring it down to 4.4GHz to complete benchmarks without overheating / throttling.

As for the DDR-2133 reference, that's the "official" top speed Intel has set in the processor's specifications. Lower speeds are supported as well. And higher speeds are possible with overclocking. Hitting DDR4-3300 may be possible with some chips / memory kits / motherboards, but I can't say for sure just yet. (Typo also fixed--thanks!)

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#6 Posted : Tuesday, September 9, 2014 3:16:20 PM(UTC)

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Wow, why all the trolling? I thought it was a very good article that didn't deserve that kind of bulling.

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#7 Posted : Tuesday, September 16, 2014 10:30:01 AM(UTC)

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Debating if this processor or just get a Xeon instead. You are approaching the cores of standard Xeon processors. Plus get the advantage of ECC and other features.

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