Hello all! Wasn't sure where else to ask this, so I'm hoping some of the techies here can help.

I have a paper lantern that I'm trying to light up.  I want it to be a permanent fixture, so no battery operated lights.  I slapped together a rough solution.  Had to be cold light, cuz paper, and wanted it to look candle-like.

Solution: usb LED reading light, ripped apart the casing, covered with

paper that I scribbled on with yellow and orange marker and plugged into

iPhone charger. Surprisingly effective, all for $7. I was really

close to ripping apart a $30 desk lamp for it. I think I should find

thinner/wax paper to let more light through.

Anyway, my question is this.  What's the best way to make this switch operated and keep the minimalist approach?  I don't have any outlets connected to light switches in my apartment, and being a rental I can't do any rewiring in it.  Is there such a thing as a small USB plug like the iphone charger with an on/off switch??  Any help is appreciated.  Here are some images of what it looks like so far.


I would use a USB LED reading light for it. Many have batteries that recharge off of the wall.


That's actually exactly what I'm using haha.  My problem is that it doesn't have an on/off switch.


This is the one that I have.

My wife bought it at a bookstore for $5.00 last weekend. It has a battery in the base and the base connects to a USB port or charger. It's very bright.


Would a simple wall outlet timer or a switch between the charger and the wall suffice? Something like this instructable?


Ben, that wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but it taught me the term "inline switch".  That sent me down a rabbit hole where I found a usb cord with a switch on it for $5 on amazon.  Exactly what I needed.  Thanks!