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#1 Posted : Monday, August 4, 2014 4:00:59 PM(UTC)

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It's a secret to no one that Windows 8 isn't the winner that Microsoft planned it to be, with its uptick being worse than Vista's - something a lot of us didn't even realize would be possible. With Windows 9, or whatever it'll be called upon release, Microsoft has to produce a successful release in order to make those who refused to migrate to Windows 8 to warm back up to the company. How could it do that? By offering Windows 9 to XP, Vista, and 7 users for free - or at least at attractive pricing.

That's at least something that's been told to Mary Jo Foley by her one of many Microsoft insider sources. "Microsoft officials are still not talking publicly about Threshold/Windows 9. There are rumors Microsoft is planning to offer Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 users some kind of deal - possibly even a free upgrade to Windows 9 — in order to get them to move to the latest Windows version once it's out next year."

This does raise an issue, though: What about the loyal customers who purchased Windows 8? It'd seem a little unfair to get them to pay more than those who skipped over one or more generations. As many software vendors typically provide better discounts to those with the most recent version, or at least the same discount to everyone, Microsoft could land itself in a bit of hot water here.

Mary Jo also notes that "Update 2" for Windows 8 is slated for a release next Tuesday, and while it was originally supposed to be a substantial update, it seems Microsoft has scaled things back. An "Update 3" has been rumored for some time, but that also seems to be scaled back, to the point of potential nonexistence. Why? To save all of the good features for Windows 9, of course. Microsoft wants nothing more than to make Windows 9 an overwhelming success, so business wise, this move makes sense.

Regardless of what happens, I can't help but get a little excited at the thought of what Windows 9 could become. I've been using Windows 8 since launch, and outside of the Start Screen, I do consider it to be the best Windows yet. But with Microsoft so keen on doing Windows 9 right, things could get interesting.

Offline AllenJun  
#2 Posted : Monday, August 4, 2014 4:23:27 PM(UTC)

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The world never rewards you for being an early adopter. Games always go down in price the next month. Better versions of consoles come out. Its the same here.

It didn't need to be free to convince me to upgrade from 7. I just need the start menu back!

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#3 Posted : Monday, August 4, 2014 4:50:28 PM(UTC)

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What about those people who bought PC's bundled with WIn8 and didn't really have a choice or just weren't informed that the OS was a complete debacle (in the majority opinion)? They weren't exactly "early adopters".  Then you have Apple releasing OS updates for free or nearly-free. They are crazy if they antagonize the specific audience who is MOST frustrated with them.

I'm sitting pretty on Windows 7 and after reading the features and press of 8 had zero desire to upgrade. This [censored]lls into me having very little excitement for whatever 9 is going to offer. It's the people stock on 8 that SHOULD be rescued by this, not those of us even further behind.

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#4 Posted : Monday, August 4, 2014 5:57:02 PM(UTC)

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Wow, so I get punished for giving Microsoft an extra $100 when I could have stayed with windows 7 and gotten a free upgrade. So basically, I lost $200 if I want to get windows 9... Which I will probably do, because I am not a fan of windows 8. I guess it was dumb to get windows 8 without really looking into it in retrospect.

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#5 Posted : Monday, August 4, 2014 10:18:56 PM(UTC)

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I've been wanting to upgrade to 7 from Vista but haven't had the time nor money. If I get 9 for free, I'm totally for it. I can finally update by AMD Software due to Catalyst no longer supporting Vista. I've also wanted to get off of Vista for other big reasons other than the fact that it's Vista and it's crap. However, the only thing I'm concerned about with jumping over 7 and 8 is that I'll have to install the new OS instead of upgrading it and keeping my files due to the huge jump from Vista to 9.

Offline RonaldSmith  
#6 Posted : Tuesday, August 5, 2014 2:38:47 PM(UTC)

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Looks like Microsoft is trying to go out of business.

I hate the interface for Windows Server 2012. Why do I need a tiled interface for a server?

Windows 9 better be an improvement or they will put themselves out of business.

Offline lipe123  
#7 Posted : Tuesday, August 5, 2014 5:36:06 PM(UTC)

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Win8 hasn't really done anything over win7 that made it worth it.

I work as a PC tech and am pretty much required to upgrade to the newwest all the time to stay up to date with these things and really win8 has some major pain in the ass issues.

1. Creating a new user is clunky forcing the use of the new control panel.

2. No gui to show you past WiFinetworks or allow you to delete/"forget" them (often times people change their router pwd and they are totally fked)

3. The built in backup is crazy hard to find and set up, they REALLY need to focus some attention to a properly working and easy to setup backup solution (and DVD's should not even be an option cause thats BS)

4. The stupid 8.1 update that cannot be downloaded offline and installed (having to get it from the store on a daily basis is a JOKE)

5. Brand new windows 8 loads, update failed, reverting changes.

6. removal of the F8 startup screen now dumps computers into loop boot scenarios and just makes more work to fix them.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg I see every week at least 1 of. They really are not hard issues to fix and MS needs to get their stuff together for Win 9.

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