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Apple found itself a willing dance partner in Beats, the audio company it agreed to acquire for $3 billion back in May, its biggest acquisition ever. That may have put a giant target on Beats' back, as it now founds itself being sued by Bose Corp. for allegedly infringing on the company's noise-cancelling technology patents.

"We are committed to protecting our investment, protecting our customers and defending the patents we own," Bose said in a statement. "For over 30 years, Bose has made significant investments in the research, development, engineering and design of the proprietary technologies found in our headphones."

Beats Studio
Image Source: Flickr (Titanas)

Bose accuses Beats of infringing on five patents:
  • 6,717,537: Method and apparatus for minimizing latency in digital signal processing systems.
  • 8,054,992: High frequency compensating.
  • 8,073,150: Dynamically configurable ANR signal processing topology.
  • 8,073,151: Dynamically configuragle ANR filter block topology.
  • 8,345,888: Digital high frequency phase compensation.

According to  the lawsuit (PDF), one or more of the above patents are being infringed in the Beats Studio and Beats Studio Wireless products. Bose argues that the alleged infringement is willful and is therefore seeking monetary damages as well as an [censored]ction for "all infringing sales and other infringing acts by Beats."


Two overpriced headphone companies duking it out over copyright infringement? Attempting to give a **** in 5.... 4.... 3.... 2... 1....


I'd say they are worlds apart in quality, R&D investment. I wouldn't touch that beats trash with a bargepole. Btw Its Patent Infringement not copyright.


Dr dre is loling. Ha ha


Beats are nothing but overpriced cans with [censored]sound the faster they could die the sooner Seinheisser can dance on there grave.


I think it's funny that they waited until apple's acquisition to do this. Also, if you want good headphones, audio technica ATH series is the only way to go. Better headphones without paying for a logo.


Oh look two hilariously over priced headphone manufacturers are fighting over stupid things.


1st Samsung vs Apple now Bose vs Beats. These company battles are just insane and sometimes fun to watch. Reminds me to watch Springer today, lolz.


Thomas T. wrote:

I think it's funny that they waited until apple's acquisition to do this

Apple has a lot of cash on hand. They're a much more tempting target than Beats was before the buyout.

Now, all of a sudden, it's worth Bose's time and efforts to pursue.


Beats are a waste of money. Another item you are paying big money for because of a name on them. Kinda sad how popular the are when there are better headphones for so much cheaper.


Lol, Apple just doesn't get along with other companies, do they?:D