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Samsung unveiled its latest flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S, at an event in New York City, and the new device is thin, lightweight, and sports a killer Super AMOLED display. Samsung boasts that the Tab S’s 2560x1600 display has a 73% better color reproduction rate than conventional LCD displays and can match colors up to 94% of “nature’s true palette” with deeper blacks and a 100,000:1 contrast ratio.

If Samsung is accurate in its boast, the Galaxy Tab S is a compelling device for anyone who regularly works with photography or video, not to mention frequent movie-watchers.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S  

The tablet also features Adaptive Display, which is a feature that optimizes the brightness, contrast, and color for whatever environment you may be in. It works on seven built-in apps: Gallery, Camera, Internet, Video, e-Book, VT Call, and UI.

The 10.5-inch device weighs just 467g and measures a mere 6.6mm in thickness (and there’s an 8.4-inch version, too). The Multi Window allows for multitasking, and SideSync 3.0 lets you keep your tablet and smartphone connected; you can see your phone screen on the tablet, send and receive voice calls from it, copy and paste, and transfer data between them.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Other features include a fingerprint scanner, Samsung Knox for security, and a Kid Mode that offers parental controls and special apps just for kids.

Here's a quick hands-on of the Galaxy Tab S at tonight's NYC press event.  Notice how smooth and responsive it is, even though it's pushing 4 million pixels at 2560X1600 res.

Under the hood, the Galaxy Tab S features Android KitKat 4.4, 3GB of RAM, 16GB or 32GB of storage with a microSD slot that supports up to 128GB. The front camera is 2.1MP but offers Full HD, and the rear 8MP camera has an LED flash.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

There’s also WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac with MIMO, WiFi Direct, BT 4.0, and on certain models, 4G LTE, in addition to GPS and GLONASS. A 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB 2.0 port are on board as well, and Samsung promises up to 11 hours of battery life even if you spend the whole time watching movies.

Samsung is really going after the media consumption angle with the Tab S. It’s designed to be ideal and optimize for everything from movies to digital magazines, and that’s not a bad strategy. Tablets have always been perfect for consumption, and providing the best possible experience to that end is a smart move.

I wonder if it has the Snapdragon 805+? I refuse to buy another Snapdragon 800 product at this point.


Sweet, I NEED one of these

Release date?


July sometime is all we know. So, soon... :)


Very nice!

I doubt the "adaptive display" works well, or even works. I've never seen a device that can alter it's own display settings based on the surround environment and lights. Usually this feature helps to kill battery life while producing choppy results. Even in my iPhone and laptop I have the auto brightness features off otherwise I would have a seizure. In my opinion it was the worst feature on the Surface1 it constantly dimmed and brightened itself. With this new tablet controlling more than just brightness I can imagine the experience would be frustraiting and annoying.


amazon has a pre order for the 8 inch for $399....not a bad price Tab 3 is still selling for $360

holding out for 10 inch I think


Damn an OLED screen on a 10.5 inch screen, never mind the adaptive screen thing! Just seeing that on a 1440p screen would be awesome, especially on Netflix/movie watching..


I had an AMOLED phone a little while ago, suffered really bad burn in, I don't trust them any more because of that...


I'll definitely hold out until more comes available pre to mid 2015. At this point, kitkat has quite the number of kinks to say the least. Droid 4.2 is still buggy as ever with an untold number of Bluetooth connectivity problems alone. Comes with USB 2.0?! I'm sold!