ok well it seems I need something cause my toolbar is getting hi jacked. (ms 8.1 prod)

The first time this happened is when I wanted to dl a image resizer. I went cnet. apparently my toolbar from firefox was hi jacked. I had the default setting for google. But after I dl the image resizer and I opened up my FF browser something was on their. It looked similar but with out the google name. My malwarebytes was blocking it. I guess ads and what not.

So I reformatted my ssd and it erased the problem.

So the second time I used IE. This time I typed in image resizer for mircosoft. So again I thought it was ok, but nope it was hi jacked again in IE. The first one was called conduit something that was on FF and this time on my IE browser it called mysearchdial.

I reformatted again, but this time it didn't get rid of it??? It worked when I reformatted my pc when FF was infected but not with IE. I reformatted 3 times with no success???

I manually removed it but I want it removed by reformatting so that way I know it's completely gone. Starting fresh sort of speak.

Any Ideas why this is happening? Is this something I need to be worried about?

On my old pc with winXP pro from yrs ago, this hasn't happen to me before. I've dl a mircosoft image resizer and my IE or FF wasn't hi jacked.

This is frustrating for sure.


Do you have more than one HD?  If so, that could be your issue right there.  Also, are you running any antivirus software, malwarebytes alone won't save you.


No. On my new build that's the only ssd i have.

I was running malwarebytes and microsoft defender that came with win 8.1 pro.

Like i said, this is odd that it didn't get rid of it when i reformatted my pc. It should of erased everything.

I don't know if because when i install win 8.1, they want me to use my hotmail account. But i don't think that should still cause the problem.

I did reinstalled or reformatted it again. 

The first time my browser was hijacked, it was called conduit. The second time it was called mysearchdial. I did a google search and it showed how to get rid of it. I followed the steps and it seemed to work.

But i'm still worried if it's there running behind the scenes or something.

I wanted to make sure that i did a complete wipe of my ssd and start over.


Before i start installing other stuff and personalizing my new pc, i want to get this taken care of.


Sounds like you could use a Script Blocker! I use Chrome and ScriptSafe but there are a few for FF, when I did use FF, I used NoScript and in my opinion, Script Blockers keep you safer than Malwarebytes or Antivirus because it stops all of the random scripts and malicious sites out there before they can do anything to your computer.

1. Fresh Install
2. Install Firefox
3. Add NoScript to Firefox
4. Good Luck!