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@Josh - You could technically plug in whatever you like into the HDMI input on the Xbox One, and when you switch to that input, whatever is being displayed will be shown on screen. That's really no different than simply plugging the Xbox 360 into a different input on your television and just switching to it though.

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Man absolutely no one cares about 3D!!! No one! People are avoiding buying 3D TV's those who have them (like me) didn't buy it for 3D capabilities we simply didn't have a choice it is included, many who own one don't own glasses for it unless they were included, and no one is buying 3D content. The gaming community said no to 3D long and are headed more in the direction of VR headsets. Yet people are complaining and saying ridiculous things like "serious omission" for the sole reason of putting down the console. Come up with a better excuse to complain guys because you yourselves don't actually give a flying... Pig... About 3D.

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This almost makes me want to get one! Excellent review. I'm just not sure I'm going to upgrade yet. We have two 360s and if one gets the xbone the other will want it too lol... that's a lot of $$$ Maybe I'll start an xbone money jar :)


Quick question, how does the pass through work with the cablebox's DVR system, and I'm guessing you still needed a remote for volume and such.

Marco C

It's really just an HDMI pass-thru, so your set-top box's DVR system will function exactly as it did before. You'll still need to use your existing remote, etc.

Marco C

Added some more video and screenshots here:


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Marco C

Just added some hard temperature data to the power page as well...


thanks for the review. I am wondering how the xbox one will work with my comcast one platform. And the kinnect and microsoft one wont have any capabilities to integrate with the tv itself such as volume and power ? I am thinking no. Also this might not be in the ballpark but what about people that have xbox360s as well. say you just set up your xbox one played some forza gained achievements. Now you also still want to play your xbox 360 games. So you launch gta and gain an achievement. will this automatically work between the two ? or will you have to download your gamertags everytime you switch between the two systems.

Marco C

One you're logged in on either system, your achievements should be saved...

As for the TV / Set Top box control, the Xbox One CAN control power an volume. Since the Kinect acts like a big IR blaster, it offers many of the basic functions of a universal remote control.


okay thanks.   it would be a bonus if it can  change inputs as well.  so i can run cable box into  the hdmi in.  then run xbox 360 into hdmi 1 on tv  and ps4 into hdmi 2


Nice review 🙂 i cant wait to get mine tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!


Sounds sweet. Would like to replace me PS3 with one of these.


Nice review Marco. As someone who also appears to use an htpc, I'm curious as to your impressions about the differences between having a dedicated htpc with some type of cablecard and trying to use the xbone for media purposes. In particular I guess my gripe as someone who uses an HDHomerun Prime and an htpc, the xbone doesn't look like it would let me get rid of anything (ie - cable box, dvr, htpc....).

The reason why I ask is that it seems like Microsoft is staking a lot on the media capabilities of the xbone as opposed to it's gaming capabilities. While it looks like the xbone is a capable gaming system, it seems strange to me that Microsoft isn't marketing the xbone as a great standalone console and instead is selling it as some type of entertainment appliance.

BTW - Please tell me I wasn't the only one who was laughing at the PS4 ad that was playing on ESPN during the review (about 9:30 I think).


may have stated in the article but

which version of HDMI does it have?

also, specs says ddr3 I thought It had ddr5 or is that just my bad memory