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Microsoft may need to take yet another mulligan on more Patch Tuesday updates that, for some, are causing more problems than they purport to fix. The latest round of updates were supposed to address 14 security flaws, though some users are complaining that certain patches are causing weird and frustrating problems.

According to InfoWorld, at least five updates are causing issues. These include KB 2817630, KB 2810009, KB 2760411, KB 2760588, and KB 2760583. The first of those is not a security patch, but one that's intended to bring more functionality to Office 2013. However, some users are complaining that after installing KB 2817630 (possibly in conjunction with KB 2810009), the folder pane in Outlook 2013 disappears.

This is how some users are feeling after applying Microsoft's Patch Tuesday updates. Source: Flickr (Mr.Thomas)

The solution? You can try uninstalling both patches to bring back the folder pane, or follow the advice of one of the users on the TechNet forum:

"This behavior seems to be caused by using the latest version of the shared Office library mso.dll 15.0.4535.1002 from KB2817630 in combination with an outdated version of Outlook," the user explains. "Try installing KB2817503 to update Outlook to the matching version 15.0.4535.1004. I don't have the issue with the missing folder pane in this constellation. Updating Outlook with the August 2013 hotfix (KB2817503) restored the reading pane on multiple machines."

Another weird issue users are running into is that KB 2760411, KB 2760588, and KB 2760583 appear to install correctly, but keep getting re-offered in Windows Update.


Feel free to add how Windows 8 refused to work properly when GeForce drivers were installed when used with a touchscreen panel. It would cause a memory error and refuse to allow access to change the user passwords right out of the box. Oh! And how it somehow magically ends up failing sfc when updates were applied right out of the box. Microsoft Windows 8 is a worse blunder than Vista could have ever hoped to be.

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I'm pretty sure most people that visit this site don't need this but just in case:

For KB 2760411, KB 2760588, and KB 2760583:

1. Go to start button, click it.

2. Click Control Panel.

3. Click Windows Update.

4. Underneath the yellow shield, click the blue text that indicates the number of important updates that are available.

5. Uncheck the the boxes next to those updates.

6. Right click on each update and choose hide update

7. Click ok, and close out the remaining window.

Windows will not offer these updates again.

Until Microsoft addresses this issue, I believe this is the only way to work around the issue at this time.


This explains a lot.


I had the "updates keep being offered" problem, and I do NOT have Office on my comp. I DID have the various viewers for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Notice I said did. I re-installed LibreOffice, which should be fine for the very rare occasions I need to see those files.